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15 December, 2023


Road Runner: surviving on the urban trails Callum Jacobs

Road Runner: surviving on the urban trails, is a book packed with over a quarter of a century of running experience, tips, tricks and tales to help runners at all levels embrace the city’s chaos.

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Ultrarunner and founder of See More Running Tours, Callum Jacobs invites you on a wild running journey through the urban Badlands. In this exhilarating guide for recreational runners, discover how to navigate the mean streets, grab a free taco to fuel your long runs, and keep cool in the city heat. Callum shares his tales of heart-pounding adventures, from jogs around the block to 100km city to city ultraruns, that'll make you gasp for breath and laugh out loud. But it's not just about the laughs – this book weaves in psychology, economics, and philosophical insights, turning your runs into thought-provoking adventures for the mind as well as the body.

With a foreword by running legend Dean ‘Ultramarathon Man’ Karnazes, Road Runner is written with passion, authority and a good dose of humour. Part travelogue, part psychogeography running tour, part meditation on the nature of life in the metropolis, Road Runner will inspire you to lace up your trainers and hit the urban trails.

A celebration of the wonderful life-changing power of running.” Vassos Alexander, broadcaster and ultrarunner.

“A unique journey into the urban world through the physical pain and euphoria of running. Made me want to get my creative urban legs moving out the door. A joy to read.” Christopher ‘Thommo’ Thompson, Olympian, European Championships 10,000m silver medallist.

Road Runner is published by Penhaligon Press and will be available from December 13, 2023.

Callum Jacobs is a ‘recreational’ ultrarunner and the founder of See More Running Tours, sightrunning tour company.

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