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16 May, 2023


Ray Mears - The importance of the outdoors

This week on The Outside & Active Podcast Dom is joined by an expert in the outdoors and wilderness bushcraft, Ray Mears. This is certainly one not to miss!

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This week on the Outside & Active Podcast, Dom speaks to Ray Mears

Over the past two decades the name Ray Mears has become recognised throughout the world as an authority on the subject of Bushcraft and Survival. He has also become a household name through his various television series, including Tracks, World of Survival, Trips Money Can’t Buy with Ewan McGregor, The Real Heroes of Telemark and many more.

These programmes have reached out and touched the hearts of everyone, from small children to grandparents. They are enjoyed by many because of Ray’s down to earth approach, his obvious love for his subject and the empathy and respect he shows for indigenous peoples and their cultures.

It is obvious to some, and a surprise to others to discover that Ray has spent his life learning these skills and is truly a master of the subject he calls Wilderness Bushcraft.

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