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12 October, 2023


Raising awareness of the dangers of concussion

Tony Soutter, President of The Ellie Soutter Foundation, invites you to learn about ImPACT Baseline Tests and how by taking one, can help your recovery if you experience a head injury in the future.

TESF Article

The foundations mission is to help educate the Snowsports industry and make these tests available as widely as possible, so that they are taken by everyone who ski’s / snowboards. Concussions can happen to anyone, at any level. Be prepared.

Venue: National Snow Show, Birmingham
Date: Saturday 14th October
Time: 11:00
Stand: E21

Take an ImPACT Baseline test now. If you experience a head injury in the future, your ‘baseline’ scores can help doctors get you back to your normal. Click here to view the baseline test

• A baseline test is a 20-minute online test which measures reaction time, memory and processing speed. It provides an accurate picture of your normal brain function.

• The data is stored on a free app

• If you experience a head injury / concussion in the future, you inform the doctor that you have a baseline test.

• You then take a ‘post’ injury test which your doctor can use with your ‘baseline’ scores to provide an evidence-based recovery program.

• How does it work? Please see official ImPACT Baseline Test Video: Click here to watch the video

• Just like an annual physical, it is recommended that you take a baseline test every year.

• ImPACT Baseline Tests have been developed for ages 12 – 80

• ImPACT Baseline Test is FDA-cleared and available in 22 languages.

The Ellie Soutter Foundation will be featuring at National Snow Week over the next two weekends. Kicking off with National Snow Show Birmingham this weekend and the first ever London Snow Show next weekend. 

The Ellie Soutter Foundation

The purpose of the Foundation is to identify and provide support for young people, who have a demonstrable talent for winter sports and would otherwise be unable to maximise their potential because of a lack of financial resources. This will be achieved by providing grants for equipment, training, travel, competing and accommodation.

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