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14 January, 2023


QILTA strides out at The National Running Show to formally launch their revolutionary sports preparation & recovery kit

Better preparation, better recovery, better training, better results. Qilta will be launching their revolutionary new product at the National Running Show next weekend.

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The year's event at Birmingham's NEC is likely to be the biggest National Running show ever and isthe perfect place to introduce runners of all kinds and all levels of performance to a product that might not make a marathon easy but will certainly make the preparation and recovery a much more
pleasant experience.

The Qilta formula combines cooling with intense moisturisation to cool muscles and intensively rehydrate skin in preparation for, and immediately after sporting activity. This helps recovery from the fatigue, abrasion and blistering that athletes experience on the skin on their feet.

International research by the team, including a trial with 89 athletes, has shown how these benefits translate to improved performance and faster recovery times for athletes in individual and team sports.

What makes Qilta different, and more effective, than other options isn't just the composition of the formula, it's also the method of application which is patented – making it “one of a kind” worldwide. More portable than an ice bath and more durable than slapping on a cream. An instant effect with lasting benefits.

Qilta is applied using bespoke specialised socks and calf sleeves, designed to maximise skin contact time with the formula and ensure maximal absorption without any wastage.

This convenience allows athletes to cool down, prepare for performance, create suppleness and elasticity and recover anytime, including whilst travelling home, overnight in bed or simply tapering on the couch before an event.

Used by Polish ultra-running champion Patrycja Bereznowska, multiple WR holder at Ultra distances as well as the current 24-hour European Champion and course record holder for the infamous Badwater135 and Spartathlon Ultras.

Reviews from Patrycja and other athletes across the sporting world can be found here on the Qilta website

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Testimonial from Eoin Keith, multiple winner & past record holder of the spine race

“I've used the Qilta system as a significant component in my pre-race preparation, particularly on the night before big multi-day ultra races, getting my muscles in optimal condition for the major task ahead! The system also provides noticeable relief for thrashed muscles in post-race recovery.”

The Qilta formula has been researched and refined since work first began in 2017 and we are very happy to be at the stage of introducing it to a wider audience. Come and join us at the NEC and see it for yourself.

Revolutionising sports preparation and recovery 

What is Qilta? Qilta is a patent pending system for conveniently applying our formula to the inner surface of specially engineered, twin-layered socks and sleeves, which can then be worn when desired before or after sporting activities.

Tickets are still available for The National Running Show taking place next weekend on the 21-22 January at The NEC, Birmingham. To secure a weekend on fun and community, head to the official website by clicking here. 


The wearing of Balm infused garments that will improve your sports performance & reduce recovery time

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