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3 November, 2022


Presca Sportswear announce new resale initiative in a pledge to achieve 1 million clothing repairs

Do you have kit lying around that you will never use again? Send it to Presca Sportswear for their resale rail, and help promote kit longevity

How to be more sustainable

Helping the Cycling industry be more climate aware 

Presca Sportswear is the world's first climate positive sportswear brand, with outstanding eco-conscious credentials, initiatives and partnerships that reflect this ethos. They are helping to transition the fashion and sports industry towards a much more positive model. They do all they can to be part of the solution, not the continuation, of the climate problem. As well as overcoming issues of manufacturing, life cycle and behaviour as a business, Presca also wants to support like minded companies, charities and brands who are working toward improving the condition of our planet. On top of this, the team at Presca are especially passionate about the longevity of sportswear, and have announced that they will be commencing a new kit collecting initiative for any unwanted cycling and running clothing to be sent and sold via their workshop.

All kit gifted will be collected and sold by the Presca team, with 100% of profits set to be reinvested in the Presca workshop, an initiative set up by Presca to achieve 1 million clothing repairs and help negate the current clothing crisis, with 300,000 tonnes of clothing and footwear ending up in landfill each year in the UK (Wrap Report - Love your clothes).

Presca sportswear sustainability

Presca Sportswear

Presca was founded by Rob Webbon and Guy Whitby. Their mutual love of sport and the planet caused them to take action. The idea began back in 2013 for sustainable sportswear whilst the pair were training for an Ironman. They started as a small brand in 2014 (GRN Sportswear) selling bamboo t-shirts and a single style of cycling jersey made from recycled plastic bottles. From there they constantly were developing and creating new ideas, introducing new kit and receiving awards and recognitions as a brand for innovation. It was 2020 that saw the official launch of Presca Sportswear, with their main office based in Bristol.

As one of the worst industries for the environment, clothing manufacturing contributes up to 10% of all carbon emissions, 20% of water pollution, and less than 1% of clothing is ever truly recycled. Presca as a brand realised their need to lead the way to create genuine good in every area of the business whilst still allowing us to enjoy the sports that we all love. So supporting Presca in their rejuvenation of kit is vital to create positive change for our planet.

Lily Rice, Creative Director at Presca Sportswear, says “The available again range is a really exciting step for us as a brand. Not only does it allow us to keep clothes that have already been made in good use for longer, giving our community a dedicated space to send their sportswear but it also allows us to help remove pricing barriers at such a critical time. No one should be excluded from enjoying the outdoors”.

How can I donate?

Gifted kit* can be sent to the Presca Sportswear workshop, located in the heart of Bristol at Presca, The Workshop, 4 Unity Street, Bristol BS1 5HH. And if you live nearby, why not run or cycle down and drop it off!

*Kit should be in a clean, wearable condition. Contact [email protected] if you have any questions.

Presca sportswear

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