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22 March, 2021


Nikwax - Chosen by Explorers Since 1977

From the Royal Geographical Society’s Karakoram Expedition in 1980, to modern-day climate change researchers in the Arctic and the Antarctic, explorers have been enhancing their gear, extending its life and staying dry, by looking after it with Nikwax Waterproofing products.

Find out more about the people, organisations and brands who use and recommend Nikwax and how it helps them enjoy the outdoors and extends the life of their gear in an environmentally responsible way.


Nikwax are the world leaders in innovative, environmentally friendly aftercare for clothing and gear, creating outstanding products for outdoor explorers.

Nikwax offers a range of cleaning, conditioning and waterproofing products which easy to use and will keep your gear performing as it should and extend its usable life.

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