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8 August, 2023


Nicky Chisholm - How do you define adventure?

On this weeks episode of the Outside & Active Podcast Dom is joined by every-day adventurer, Nicky Chisholm. During this episode Nicky speaks about her relationship with the word 'adventure' alongside offering advice to those who want to step out of their comfort zone.

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This week on the Outside & Active Podcast Dom welcomes Nicky Chisholm

Nicky describes herself as an everyday adventurer. Squeezing adventures into her everyday life from walks, swims and runs to film, podcasts and books.

She just hit 50 and her adventure journey has changed so many times over the years, from a 20-year-old canoeing and sailing instructor, to a Mum with young children teaching them to embrace the outdoors, to a mum of young teens surfing and climbing Ben Nevis!

Now that her children are in their late teens and are slowly flying the nest, she now finds herself ready to embrace the next stage of her adventure journey.

Her adventure journey has included marathon walks along Hadrians Wall, abseiling down castles, a cross country ski marathon in the Arctic Circle, and a recent trip to Peru visiting the Amazon Rainforest. 

This episode is all about adventure, and how every day 'normal' people can find adventure in their everyday lives. 

You can follow along Nicky's adventure on her social media. She is always keen to connect with new communities and like-minded individuals.

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