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21 February, 2024


New battery features for even longer eBike rides

More range, flexibility and service: Bosch eBike Systems presents the new PowerPack 800 Frame, battery guide and battery check.

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Enjoy long rides in the saddle or organise your everyday life with the eCargo bike without having to charge as often. With the new PowerPack 800 Frame and new DualBattery combination options, Bosch eBike Systems now makes this possible.

The battery guide has been updated and expanded to provide users with new information on the correct and safe handling of batteries and on the topic of recycling. The battery check is now available on the Bosch website for greater safety when buying used batteries.

PowerPack 800 Frame – Greater freedom for long rides

Simply enjoy more flexibility with your eBike and have maximum energy reserves on board: Bosch eBike Systems presents the most powerful eBike battery in the portfolio to date. The new PowerPack 800 Frame offers an energy content of approx. 800 watt hours. With its combination of high energy density, performance and flexibility, it is ideal for long rides, heavy eBikes such as eCargo bikes or fast S-pedelecs.

The new frame battery combines high capacity with handling: thanks to its modern cell construction and compact design, an energy density of approx. 200 Wh/kg is achieved. The PowerPack 800 has a weight of approx. 3.9 kg and the same dimensions as the PowerPack 725. The battery uses the same mount as all other Bosch frame batteries in the smart system and therefore offers maximum flexibility when replacing the battery. This means that eBike riders can easily choose a smaller, lighter battery for shorter rides or take a spare battery with them for extra range.

DualBattery in the smart system – battery combinations for maximum energy and range

To enable even greater ranges for heavy loads, long commutes or extensive rides, Bosch eBike Systems is introducing new DualBattery combination options for the smart system. Now, for example, a PowerTube can be combined with another PowerTube. The PowerPack Frame batteries for the smart system are now also compatible with each other. For example, the PowerPack 800 Frame can be used as DualBattery, resulting in a maximum possible battery capacity of 1,600 Wh. This combination enables extreme ranges of up to 300 km1. All possible combinations can be found here. Particularly practical: DualBattery can also be operated at any time with just one battery. For example, a battery can be left at home if a shorter ride is planned and means the eBike will weigh a little less.

Focus on safety and recycling: the updated battery guide

Bosch eBike Systems places great value on the safety and durability of its lithium-ion batteries. In addition to high-quality hardware, the correct handling of batteries is also a decisive factor. That is why a revised version of the battery guide is now being presented. It contains comprehensive and clearly organised information about all eBike batteries, covers topics such as technical basics and how they work and gives eBike riders helpful tips on winter use as well as correct storage and care for a long service life.

The most important contents of the battery guide at a glance:

  • Basic information about batteries
  • Focus topic: Safe handling of eBike batteries
  • Help with the correct charging, storage and care of the batteries
  • Correct transport of eBike batteries
  • Battery recycling

New battery check offers transparency when purchasing used eBikes or batteries

As a further service, Bosch eBike Systems offers the battery check , a helpful tool that provides users with important safety instructions when purchasing used eBikes or batteries. The battery check gives you the opportunity to check a battery online that you have purchased on an online portal or another secondary market platform, for example, using the serial number on the Bosch website. This allows you to determine whether the used battery is recorded in the Bosch database as already opened or even defective. This can help to prevent risks and, for example, in individual cases, prevent the purchase of an improperly opened battery.

1 The calculated data comprises estimates and approximations that may vary from the actual result. The precise data will vary, depending on the type of use and the external influences. Furthermore, no liability will be accepted for the correctness of the determined values.

The new PowerPack 800 Frame offers an energy content of approx. 800 Wh. With its combination of high energy density, performance and flexibility, it is ideal for long rides, for eCargo bikes or S-pedelecs.

The new PowerPack 800 Frame can be used as DualBattery and is compatible with all frame batteries in the smart system. The maximum possible energy capacity of 1,600 Wh is achieved with two PowerPack 800 Frame batteries.

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