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28 October, 2021

Navigating the maze of home fitness

The world of at home fitness can be quite confusing. What equipment do I need? How much space will it take up? Roger Black shares his top tips to help you make the most of the outdoors, at home.

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Roger Black Fitness encourages you to ‘bring the outside in’ this Winter

Hands up whose heard their first Christmas track? It’s that time of year when we eagerly await the clocks going back and the sight of grizzly ghouls and smiling pumpkins on doorsteps throughout the nation. You may be re-evaluating your road or trail running training schedule and might be slightly disheartened by the British elements that greet you as you open your front door. Or you might want to lose a few pounds before Christmas but need to stay at home for personal or professional reasons. So what’s the best solution?

The good news is that you can bring training inside, even for a few months of the year, or even year-round, as a complementary part of your regular training routine. As we emerge from a global pandemic, people of all ages have become more accustomed to working out at home through online classes and with home fitness equipment. The possibilities are endless but also confusing and that’s where British Olympian Roger Black and his dedicated team at Roger Black Fitness come in.

Roger and #TeamRBF are committed to getting the nation moving. Many of you reading this article may already be experienced runners or walkers yet fitness is for all and each of us have to start somewhere. Roger and his peers certainly didn’t win Olympic medals overnight – you simply need to make a decision to start somewhere and ensure that movement and wellbeing become a habit and not a chore.

Exercising indoors doesn’t need to be less effective than an outdoor hike. It’s just different and should be viewed as such. As with everything in life, there are pros and cons – you might not get the sights and sounds of Mother Nature but you do have central heating, TV screens and can press pause on your workout if your newborn needs changing.

In terms of what options you have when considering indoor workouts, the Roger Black Fitness range offers a choice of six folding and stationary machines, designed to support upper and (or) lower body workouts. Before you decide which product or products are right for your own personal set-up and lifestyle, you need to ask yourself a few key questions:


How much space do I have at home? This question will define pretty much whether you can accommodate a static (fixed) piece of equipment or whether a more sensible option might be a folding product such as the best-selling Roger Black Fitness Folding Exercise Bike or Easy Fold Treadmill.


How much do I want to spend? If you have an endless budget and are happy to pay subscription fees, there are a number of great options on the market. If your budget is under £500 and technology is secondary to your purchase, each and every Roger Black Fitness product is priced under £500, even the top-end Gold Treadmill is priced at just £499. You can always buy a Zwift Run Pod as a low-cost extension.


Who is going to use it? We would always recommend that a minor under 16 should not use a piece of home fitness equipment without supervision. If you are keen to find a home fitness solution just for yourself, your purchasing decision may be different to a family-driven buy. A family discussion might prove helpful and could bring you together in unexpected and positive ways, whilst getting fit together in tandem.


What do I want to achieve from my workout? If you intend to continue running or hiking outdoors during the Winter months, perhaps you might consider a complementary upper body workout, with an air rower? Or a full body workout with a cross trainer? If you want to run indoors and tighten up on form and speed, then a treadmill is the perfect option.

If you draw up a wish list, you are likely to become less confused by online ‘noise’. In addition, depending upon your current work status, there are a number of schemes such as Vivup that are available to employees wishing to buy products through salary sacrifice and employee engagement schemes.

As we approach Christmas, you may also be able to pick up a great deal online or purchase through a third party with a discount code. For existing Roger Black Fitness customers, we offer a lifetime 10 per cent discount code on all new purchases. Roger and the team are also willing to answer reasonable product questions via email at [email protected]

Good luck with your journey and just as trees shed their leaves in Winter to re-emerge next Spring, full of vitality and life, there is no reason why you and your loved ones can’t do something similar in relation to your health and wellbeing during the coming months. Enjoy your Winter Workouts, both at home and outside!

For more information on the full Roger Black Fitness range, please visit

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