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26 January, 2022


National Running Show - what a weekend!

It seemed like the entirety of the running community descended into the packed halls for an amazing weekend of talking and shopping all things running! And it was amazing!

The National Running Show

How was it for you?

We had quite the busy one in Birmingham at the National Running Show where it seemed like the entirety of the running community also descended into the packed halls for an amazing weekend of talking and shopping all things running!

Catching up with the team this morning over a warm cuppa, we’re looking back through our photos and all the scribbled notes we took from the weekend. We all agreed that we may or may not have dabbled in all that was on offer and have a slight obsession with running...

Yes we bought some shoes.

Yes we bought some clothing.

Yes we saw Scott Jurek.

Yes we bought some nutrition (though I’m not sure sweet treats can count towards marathon training?).

Yes we even signed up one of our team to an ultra (sorry Dom!).

Yes, I think we’re a little obsessed with running…

I think we sampled literally everything the weekend had to offer. We will be sharing our top five moments from the show with you all very soon, so stay tuned for that.

We also had the opportunity to speak to a number of the speakers, recording exclusive behind the scenes conversations for the Outside & Active podcast which will be shared on the next season released this February.

The running community is strong and the ambassadors were absolute superstars. All of the speakers were lovely, no divas and everyone happy to get together and talk about their favourite topic - running. Another highlight was meeting the 7 year old legend Elizabeth Soffe who has raised an incredible amount with her own running challenges for Birmingham Children’s hospital - I hope we can share more of her story soon. 

Scott Jurek National Running Show Birmingham 2022

There was definitely 100% no fangirling going on when we got to sit down with Scott Jurek, Jonnie Peacock or Kadeena Cox to name just a few of our awesome guests. Their sessions on the show floor were packed and we were honored to be able to spend some time with them and ask them you’re your questions for the upcoming season on the Outside & Active podcast.

What about you, were you there?

If so, please do tag us on social media @beoutsidebeactive and @nationalrunningshow we’d love to hear your highlights from the show.

National Running Show Merchandise - Deals

If you missed the opportunity to get your hands on a new running vest, t shirt or long sleeve shirt (or one of the amazing books we had on the stand) we've secured you the show deal for use on line. Use the codes in bold below on our webshop

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