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26 November, 2021


Mental Health and the Mountains

We talk to Kayleigh Hokanson about being in the mountains as a form of therapy, a place to relax, to get away from social media - once your goggles are on, you can be in entirely your own world.

Kayleigh is the founder of AWOL Mountain Wear, a clothing company driven at it’s core to removing the stigma surrounding mental health, whilst supporting those with mental health conditions, and educating those who have not previously experienced it. In addition, Kayleigh is a qualified Snowboard Level 2 instructor, Alpine Level 2, Adaptive Snowboard Level 1 and Adaptive Alpine Level 1 instructor.

Kayleigh unknowingly lived with Complex Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (CPTSD) for six years before being diagnosed with her condition. Her aim is to increase awareness of the challenges she experienced in the Snowsports industry, whilst supporting others who may be going through a similar experience.

Through articles and working-groups, Kayleigh has been starting the discussion on mental health and well-being with peers and professionals. Opening the discussion to help improve everyone’s awareness and understanding of mental health conditions, that are too often misunderstood, dismissed, hidden, ignored, or spoken about in hushed tones.

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