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14 September, 2023


Launch of New Book Shares Frank and Personal Experiences of Healing Through Nature.

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Recognised naturopathic nutritional therapist, Monique Parker has released her new book ‘Conversations on The Lost Connection with Nature’ - Understanding the Importance of Nature and the Need for (Re)Connection.

Compiled by Monique Parker, who herself has personally experienced the healing qualities of nature, the book includes personal and candid experiences of 27 individuals who have either suffered from illness and have found recovery through the healing benefits of nature, those who have committed to nature from an early age, professionals who have seen the benefits of natural healing in clients, or the beauty and challenges nature can give those people whose jobs are nature-based.

The book vividly brings to life how (re)connecting with nature can underpin a return to health either in conjunction with established medicines, or when traditional medical interventions have been unsuccessful.

Monique Parker explains, ““Conversations on The Lost Connection with Nature” (published by Balboa Press UK) is about the importance of nature and the need for reconnection. In this book, readers will discover the links between nature and health, the links between nature and nutrition, the disconnection from nature and how to reconnect with nature. The book also contains conversations with 27 inspirational people, all of whom are all strongly connected with nature, through either profession or personality. It makes compelling reading emphasising the imperative of preserving the environment and the natural value it provides.”

Contributor Zarah commented, “I would like people to realise how important Nature is for our health and well-being. My connection with Nature has saved my life, I would not be here had I not had the wildness to escape to”.

“Conversations on The Lost Connection with Nature” by Monique Parker is published by Balboa Press UK

Softcover | 6 x 9in | 262 pages | ISBN 9781982287436

E-Book | 262 pages | ISBN 9781982287429

Available at , Amazon and Barnes & Noble

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