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3 January, 2024


John Myatt - How I have run every day for 30 years

The first Outside & Active Podcast in 2024 features a man who has been running every day for almost 30 years. Alongside this incredible running effort he has also written a book on Fell Running. If you are looking for inspiration in January then this is the podcast for you.

John Myatt

John Myatt

One day 30 years ago John made one decision, that was to run every single day no matter what obstacles are put in front of him. Come rain, shine, Christmas or injury - John gets out and runs. Nearly 30 years later, John says that running is just like walking for him.

In this episode John tells Dom a bit more about the motivation behind this challenge.

John also talks about his book Lakeland Fell Running For Mortals. This book is aimed at parkrunners and club runners who run mainly on the roads but who would also like to run in the hills.

Finally, John talks about his upcoming book. Something you can find out more about in this episode.

Watch the full video episode

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