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4 October, 2022


Jay Worthy - Own your day

This week on the Outside & Active Podcast, Dom is joined by experienced Executive and CEO, turned life coach. Jay will leave you feeling inspired after this podcast as he talks through his hustle to the top of the business world, before turning to his true passion, the outdoors.

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This week on the Outside & Active Podcast, Dominic Brown speaks to Jay Worthy

Jay is an experienced Executive and CEO turned Life Coach. Racing up the career ladder just like everyone else, he got to the top, took up his spot in the corner office and had an epiphany. He had been climbing the wrong ladder and the view wasn’t at all what he expected! Later, after moving back to the UK, Jay struggled with depression and a loss of identity. 

Through the power of nature, he was able to reconnect with his adventurous childhood and ultimately taught his heart how to sing again. He believes in the power of living adventurously and that pushing your boundaries, exploring the world around you and finding out how tall you are is the secret to a happy and successful life.

This episode is incredibly gripping and gives a deep insight into the highs and lows of making your way to the top of a $1 billion company. Alongside the ways Jay recovered from a hard stop to this lifestyle, which ultimately lead him to rediscovering his love and passion for the outdoors. This podcast episode is stocked full of insightful knowledge and advice that you can take into your own personal lives.

To find out more about Jay, you can check out his website here.


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