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6 December, 2022


Jamie Barrow - Worlds fastest snowboarder

Jamie Barrow is the fastest snowboarder on earth having gone 211kpm. Jamie suffered a serious back injury in 2013 which left him unable to snowboard regularly and ultimately lead him down the road of speed. Jamie is the latest guest on the Outside & Active Podcast.

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This week on the Outside & Active Podcast, Dom is joined by Jamie Barrow 

Jamie Barrow is the world's Fastest snowboarder​. In 2013 a serious accident during a snowboard cross competition made him have to drop out of the British team and left Jamie with a bad back injury. Despite doctors telling him he had to give up snowboarding, he was determined to not only snowboard again but to push himself as far as he could. This is when Jamie decided to start doing speed records. Since then he has broken many snowboard records and embarked on a bunch of interesting projects. Jamie is always looking for new and exciting projects so that he can continue to enjoy snowboarding despite his injury.

Jamie's aim is to just enjoy himself snowboarding despite his injury and work on projects that he is passionate about that push him and others to do the same.

He started snowboarding at the age of 8 and fell in love with it straight away. Going through school, Jamie struggled quite a lot being Dyslexic and never thought he would achieve anything. Snowboarding was the opportunity for Jamie to get away and just enjoy himself. He didn't really have a plan to take it further it was just something he really enjoyed doing.

After a couple seasons of competing in senior level competitions Jamie was still not getting the results he wanted. Then During a competition he had a very bad accident where he was knocked out and ended up slipping a disc in my neck. He got taken to the hospital and after a lot of scans the doctor finally came in to give him news. Jamie could tell straight away from his face that this was not going to be good news. He told Jamie that he had pretty much destroyed a disc in his lower back, it was crushed, slipped, torn, and dehydrated.

That accident set Jamie on the path he finds himself on today... the path of SPEED!

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