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21 November, 2023


Isaac Kenyon - Completing an Ironman with a 15kg weighted vest

This week on the Outside & Active Podcast Dom is joined by the man who has recently completed a full Ironman with a 15kg vest starpped to him. Find out how and why in this podcast.

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This week on the Outside & Active Podcast Dom welcomes Isaac Kenyon

Isaac is one of the youngest international keynote speakers in the world who wears many hats! Isaac is also a philanthropic world-record-breaking british eco-adventurer, an energy transition expert communicator, a fellow of the royal geographical society of london and the geological society of london and a trustee for mind mental health charity. 

Isaac seeks to make a positive difference to the planet in search of climate solutions and has founded b corporation ‘climate explorers cic’. Isaac has swum seas, climbed mountains, rowed oceans, cycle toured countries and even cycled over sea. 

With an out-of-the-box mindset isaac can host events and deliver in different scenarios and roles, with high flexibility and adaptability skills at his disposal. 

Isaac is confident he will leave a lasting impact of thought-provoking (sometimes challenging) ideas and inspiration to transform any business into a high-performing sustainable workplace which can boast a culture that values the mental health of their employees to produce extraordinary teams and greater results

He has recently completed an incredible challenge, something that Dom and Isaac speak about in this episode. 

Find out more about Isaac on his website:

The Ellie Soutter Foundation

The Ellie Soutter Foundation was set up to support young winter sports athletes through funding initiatives and coaching them through the pressures of professional competition following the tragic death of Ellie Soutter in 2018. Importantly the foundation is now focused on raising awareness of the dangers of concussion and has recently partnered with ImPACT online ConcussionTesting.

The ImPact Baseline Test is an online assessment which measures functioning of the brain in a healthy state. Take the test and store it on the FREE app provided so you can carry it with you. In the unfortunate event you experience a concussion you can then sit a post traumatic test to help medical professionals determine changes from your original test and help you with your recovery.

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