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26 October, 2022

Introducing the new Suunto 9 Peak Pro

The new fully carbon compensated Suunto 9 Peak Pro GPS multi sport watch offers a faster, easy-to-use user interface with the best-in-class battery life. All built into an ultra thin and elegant body tested against the highest standard of toughness

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Suunto is proud to unveil the Suunto 9 Peak Pro, a GPS multisport watch handcrafted with 100% renewable energy in Finland and the first Suunto to have its carbon footprint calculated and then fully compensated with Verified Carbon Units*. During its whole lifespan it creates only 7,5 kg CO2e – the equivalent of driving a fossil fuel car for 44 km.

As always with Suunto watches, you know to expect rugged durability but how about elegance, too? The Suunto 9 Peak Pro offers both. Building on the award-winning design of the Suunto 9 Peak, it’s extremely tough, yet one of the thinnest (10,8 mm) and lightest GPS sport watches in its class. It blends in everywhere, suits smaller wrists and can handle any environment.

Suunto 9 Peak Pro is designed to be long-lasting and repairable to minimize waste and the impact on the environment. Made with the highest grade of materials, Suunto threw everything at it to test its mettle -ice, sand, drops and shocks, pressure and salt. Athletes around the world tested it and it met the military standard of toughness*. Wear it climbing Everest, use the new snorkeling mode to track your depth, record your bike commutes and see how much CO2e you saved, or pair it with smart-casual dress and head out for dinner. Extremely sleek, extremely versatile.

“The Suunto 9 Peak Pro was engineered with a new, more powerful chipset architecture that boosts the performance to a new level while having the best-in-class battery life compared to similar sized products on the market”, says Vice President of Product Sami Männistö. “The new user interface, with bigger icons and digits, as well as the use of white and color background elements make the watch easier to operate and read during sports, allowing sports enthusiasts to focus better on what they do best.”

The Suunto 9 Peak Pro offers the best battery life of any Suunto watch yet, with three battery modes: Performance, Endurance and Tour. The battery lasts for 21 days in daily use before requiring charge, 40h in Performance mode, 70 h in Endurance mode and 300 h in Tour mode. The Suunto 9 Peak Pro can connect with up to four satellite systems (GPS, GLONASS, GALILEO, BEIDOU) and up to 32 individual satellites simultaneously. This results in greater accuracy when exercising in challenging GPS conditions, like below tall buildings or deep mountain valleys.

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Suunto 9 Peak Pro Key features:

• Ultra thin: 10,8 mm (excluding HR dome). Screen size: 1,2”.

• Weight: the titanium model 55 g and steel model 64 g

• GPS watch with the lowest carbon footprint in the market: total life cycle CO2e emissions only 7,5 kg

• Fully carbon compensated in a reforestation project with Verified Carbon Units (*validated by the international verification program ensuring the quality of carbon offsetting projects) via Tree-Nation

• Tested to the highest military standard of toughness (*MIL-STD-810H). List of tests here

• Daily activity tracking: steps, heart rate, sleep, calories, stress and more

• Extremely fast charging: 100% battery in 1 hour or 10 h of training time after charging for 10 minutes

• Barometric sensor

• Over the air software updates

• Made with sapphire glass, stainless steel, and two models with grade 5 titanium

• Waterproof down to -100 m. And a new snorkeling sports mode that tracks activity data down to -10 m

• 97 sport modes to choose from and the ability to create custom modes 

Combined with Suunto app and a huge array of partner services, the Suunto 9 Peak Pro gives users a plethora of route finding options, turn-by-turn guidance and advanced training tools. Discovering and creating routes is easy with Suunto app's heatmaps, 3D maps and road surface map layers.

Also new to Suunto app, which is now compatible with iPad and Android tablets, users can pre-structure their workouts and follow the plan during a session. And a new avalanche map layer that indicates areas of avalanche danger makes it easier to plan safe alpine trips. And on returning from an adventure, users can share their trip with friends and family as a 3D animation.

The Suunto 9 Peak Pro is available from 25th October 2022. There are versions four models built with stainless steel (£429) and two models built with titanium (£549). A wide variety of accessory straps will be available to allow it to reflect a multitude of personal styles. The watch will be available for purchase on 25th October 2022.

More about Suunto

We stand for adventure. Pioneering exploration has been in our DNA since 1936, when Finnish orienteer Tuomas Vohlonen set out to create a more accurate compass, and subsequently invented a new method for manufacturing liquid-filled compasses. Today Suunto is at the forefront of design and innovation for sports watches, dive computers, compasses and digital services used by adventurers all over the globe.

We are proud that Suunto products can take a beating, but are also designed with an everyday aesthetic that reflects our Nordic identity. Suunto’s headquarters and factory are still in Finland. 

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