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14 June, 2022


If you're told you're different, you believe it

Sabrina Pace-Humphreys had to figure out how to navigate life as a person of colour as she didn’t have any representation around her.

Sabrina pace humphreys podcast

Sabrina Pace-Humphreys Podcast

This week, Sabrina Pace-Humphreys talks to Dominic Brown about her background growing up and barriers of entry to the outdoors. They also talk about where the idea for the group Black Trail Runners came from and the positive impact running has had on her life.

What does running feel like for you?

It could be the positive effect of running for mental health. Or maybe the headspace that it gives you compounded by the endorphin rush that comes from something like running.

From her first 1km to incredible runs like the Marathon Des Sables, Sabrina asks herself, how far can you go? How far can she run? Just like her running, Sabrina wants to see how she can break the mould and open barriers to others in the black community, the next generation of trail runners to enable them to see they CAN do it, if they try.

Sabrina moved to the Cotswolds at age 4 and experienced rural racism through her young and teenage years. She grew up around people that didn’t look like here. Not the same hair, the same skin, nor did they experience the same racial trauma. It was people not understanding that they couldn’t touch or even burn her hair for example.

Fast forward a few years later and found herself asking where are people on the trails that look like me? So…she launched Black Trail Runners as she says, you can’t be what you can’t see.

Black Trail Runners is a group for black people and white allies that seeks to diversify the outdoors. IT seeks to engage, enthuse and inspire with black people to want to move through trail running in the outdoors.

Sabrina Pace Humphreys book – Black Sheep; A story of rural racism, identity and hope

Poignant and eye-opening, and exploring themes of trauma, identity, mental health and addiction, Black Sheep is a tale of triumph: of grit and determination, of hope over despair.

You can buy the book here.

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About Sabrina Pace Humphreys

Follow Sabrina on Instagram here or Black Trail Runners here.

Sabrina pace humphreys black sheep book

Black Sheep – Finding Identity and Hope through addiction… to the outdoors!

Sabrina Pace-Humphreys, the ultra ultra-running mum of four, grandmother of three and co-founder of the campaigning and community charity – Black Trail Runners – shares her story of living in a town where no one looked like her, experiencing racial trauma and how training for the Marathon Des Sables – the toughest footrace on earth – ignited a passion for, and addition to, the outdoors which has helped her find identity and, ultimately, hope.

With Sabrina, you will leave the conversation believing anything is possible if you dare to dream it.

In July 2020 following the rise of the Black Lives Matter movement, a rise sparked by the murder of runner Ahmaud Arbery amongst others, Sabrina co-found the fast growing community and campaigning group – Black Trail Runners.

A trail running community for black people who want to experience trail running. Whether new to the discipline, or an experienced trail runner, this communities common goal is to provide a safe space for Black men and women who are looking to connect, get support from and be inspired via a community of Black men and women, and white allies, who are passionate about trail running and inclusivity for ALL.

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