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31 March, 2023


GoodGym Launches 100 Days of Action Towards a Greener Tomorrow

In a bid to combat climate change and promote environmentalism, GoodGym, the nationwide community of walkers, runners and cyclists, has launched its 100 Days of Action season. With over 4000 environmental tasks completed in 2022 alone, the community hopes to take 2023 even further with this new initiative

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Starting on 3rd April, the 100 Days of Action will focus on supporting environmental causes, partnering with fantastic initiatives, charities and organisations across the country to bring more impactful sessions, awareness-raising campaigns and sharing resources to help us all do more with the time we have.

The season promises a range of activities, including themed sessions, event weekends with like-minded organisations and projects, new environmental training for session leaders on environmental tasks and the chance to recycle your old running kit with GoodGym celebrating impact as they go along.

GoodGym’s Lilith May, says of the initiative, “We know that environmentalism is close to everyone’s heart within the GoodGym community, but we wanted to find a way of dialling this up. 100 Days of Action is a way of us all creating a focus and ensuring that we drive even more activity to help the cause. We want to encourage new people to discover GoodGym via a purpose that means a lot to them as well as current GoodGymers who we know can’t wait to get their teeth into completing even more green good deeds.”

● GoodGym is a national organisation which combines physical exercise with supporting charities, community groups and isolated older people

● GoodGym members are completing 100 days of consecutive action to support the environment

● Activities will include tree planting, litter picking, conservation work and sustainability drives

● Campaign partners include Green Runners, JogOn, Tiny Forest, Preloved Sports and Slow Ways to name a few

● All sessions free to attend and all abilities welcome

Recent findings by GoodGym showed that caring for the environment is often a huge driver for participation in their sessions and with *75% of people worried about the impact of climate change, GoodGym offers a free and easy way to make a difference. By bringing together even more passionate people, the 100 Days of Action aims to make a real difference towards a greener tomorrow.

GoodGym has been supporting its members in getting fit while doing good, hosting sessions in which practical tasks are completed for older people and community groups. Members have ran, walked or cycled almost 5 million KM, averaging one good deed every 20 minutes for the past 12 years. The community has now reached the huge milestone of 300,000 good deeds and it’s not stopping there.

If you're looking for a way to stretch your legs and do your bit for the environment, join GoodGym and help create a better tomorrow.

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