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22 October, 2022


Get the most out of your winter bike training

We’re coming into that time of year when the weather starts to get colder, the days darker, and our motivation weaker… and when it comes to riding our bikes, things can become a little more challenging.

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So how do we make the most of winter bike training? Bioracer UK has listed some top tips to stay motivated and keep hold of your bike fitness.

1) Mix it up

Whatever discipline you’re into, winter is a great time to mix up the training and try something different – bring the fun back into riding your bike. Head to one of the UK’s many trail centres and hire a mountain bike – you can test your skills on some of the more technical trails or just play around on a pump track. Or why not head to a velodrome and book a lesson on a specific track bike? Keep it interesting and your motivation and fitness will soar.

2) Get virtual

Nowadays, there’s no real excuse to skip your bike training if the weather isn’t playing ball. With a myriad of virtual cycling software to choose from, you can get immersed in a virtual cycling world and explore some different terrain from the comfort of your own home. Join a race, choose a different route, or just stick Netflix on and get spinning – the choice is yours!

3) Find some buddies

All you need to do to get a kick of motivation is to grab a friend. Sometimes, holding yourself accountable by joining a cycling club, or arranging a ride with friends, will be all you’ll need to get out the door and on two wheels. Plus, riding with friends – whether it’s a spin class, a mountain bike adventure, or a weekend road ride – is always guaranteed to be more fun than going it alone.

4) Get specific

You might want to make the most of winter by doing some specific training that focuses on your weaknesses. Perhaps it’s hills and you need to get that high resistance, low cadence work in. Or maybe you need to work on your position. Don’t forget, it’s also an opportunity to get in the gym and develop those muscles and movement patterns that will help your on-bike performance. Use winter to your advantage and you’ll be smiling all summer!

5) Invest in the right kit

There’s an old saying “there’s no such thing as bad weather, just bad kit choices.” Well, dare we say it, it’s true. Investing in the right kit might seem expensive but it will last, and what’s more, it will make the world of difference when you get out on the bike in all weathers. With a solid range of thermal and waterproof kit, from jackets and gilets to gloves and overshoes, you can look good and feel good – then there’s no excuse to not get outside!

Cycling in the cold

More about Bioracer UK

Bioracer is the very essence of performance. Since 1986, born in the heartland of cycling in Belgium, Bioracer has created a legacy in the cycling industry with performance-based garments that produce winning results. Obsessed with making riders go faster, every detail is addressed in producing the fastest cycling kit for every racer, from amateur to professional.

Bioracer is the official kit supplier of World Tour pro team, INEOS Grenadiers. Used by the world’s best cyclists, Bioracer puts style, comfort and performance at the forefront of every cyclist’s ride.


In 1986, Raymound Vanstraelen founded Bioracer with a clear purpose to measure and study the athlete in motion in order to optimize cycling performance. While our business has grown from Raymond’s home to factories, research facilities and offices on three continents, our mission remains steadfast and signifies the meaning of our name and the heart of our promise to make you faster.

We are a company of riders and racers, designers and innovators, craftspeople and seamstresses. We engineer apparel and test it in ourProtolab for its ability to battle cold and regulate heat. We analyze the cyclist in motion to ensure fabric, design and construction deliver anatomic fit with optimal comfort. We monitor wind-tunnel data and real-world racing to discover new ways to cheat the wind.

But mostly, we find truth on the climbs, in the mud, in the crosswinds, over the cobbles and in every meter of riding from the start line to the finish line. Learning from thousands of racers and races; thousands of medals and podiums, and thousands of club, Olympic and World Championship races. With over a hundred years of Belgium cycling history woven into every stitch and every pattern, it is our mission and honor to make you faster. And bring the same performance products worn by the best athletes in the world to every cyclist, every day.

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