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14 February, 2023


Gary Robbins - Where dreams go to die

Tune in to the first episode of Season 8 on the Outside & Active Podcast when Dom is joined by Gary Robbins. From his relationship with the Barkley Marathons to his love of running, we take a deep dive into the mind of the talented endurance athlete.

Helen Glover

This week on the Outside & Active Podcast Dom is joined by Gary Robbins

Gary Robbins has been one of Canada’s top ultra-marathon distance runners for the past 15 years. He’s attained many podiums, course records, and “fastest known times” over the years, including his still standing course record at the HURT Hawaii 100 miler, where he’s been the course record holder for over a decade, running the two fastest times in the history of the race.

He is perhaps best known however for his three non-finishes of the world’s toughest footrace, The Barkley Marathons. A documentary titled “Where Dreams Go To Die” captured his journey and has been viewed online over 2.5 million times.

Gary calls Chilliwack, British Columbia, Canada home, along with his wife, son, dog and two cats. While struggling with a lack of races throughout the pandemic he still managed to run two 100 mile efforts. His first was charity run on a treadmill in his garage while raising money for British Columbia Search and Rescue organisations, and his second was a route he dreamt up from his front door that had over 30,000 feet of vert up and over six local mountains.

Gary is a race director and running coach by trade, and his events series, “Coast Mountain Trail Running” has donated over $350,000 back to local search and rescue and trails organisations over the years.

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