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19 December, 2023


Embarking on the Te Araroa: A Journey of Resilience and Vulnerability

Running across New Zealand isn't merely about covering miles; it's a voyage through life's unfiltered chapters.

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In 2023, unexpected challenges knocked at my door—an unexpected health scare, a relocation to New Zealand, and training hurdles. Amidst this whirlwind, I found myself seeking purpose and adventure, exploring the boundaries of my endurance.

The loss of my father shattered my world, leaving me grasping for solace. Running offered that solace but also became my tormentor—a lifeline and a source of self-criticism. Yet, as a pro-athlete, coach, and business owner, sharing my struggles felt daunting.

This December, I set out on a monumental odyssey—the Te Araroa Trail—a 3,000km sprint across New Zealand's tectonic plates, a 50-day journey shrouded in uncertainty, with minimal support—a lone runner, a van, and a faithful dog, Mya.

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But this isn't just my challenge; it's an invitation for you to join. Your support, your involvement, can transform this solitary journey into a collective triumph. By being part of this expedition, you're not just aiding me; you're sharing the highs, lows, and making each stride count. Your support fuels not just my feet but my spirit.

Beyond the physical feat, this expedition aims to shine a light on silent mental struggles. I hope to break down the walls of stigma surrounding mental health, using this run as a canvas to depict vulnerability and resilience.

Join me. Be part of this expedition. Visit the website (, engage on social media (@pyllon), or consider supporting individual days. Your involvement isn't merely about aiding a runner; it's about being part of a movement—shedding light on the shadows, inspiring hope, and finding strength in our collective vulnerabilities.

I'm going to run 3,000km across New Zealand: Te Araroa

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