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16 June, 2022


Cycling for good

Using cycling to become part of an awesome community and raising vital funds for charity. Are you cycling for good?

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Cycling for more than just exercise 

Cycling – like many outdoor activities – has many well-documented benefits: physical, mental, good for the environment, not to mention the fact that it allows you to eat cake virtually guilt-free. But did you know you can put cycling to good use in other ways? Not only is it a great way to meet other people, and to become part of a community of like-minded individuals, but it’s also a great way to raise funds for charity.

Cycling for Wellbeing

As a fundraising community focusing on charity cycling challenges, wellbeing and mental health are very much at the centre of what we do. In addition to our multi-day challenge events, our members also come together for regular training rides and off-bike networking events. For many riders, cycling isn't just a way to stay fit physically and mentally: it’s an outlet to relieve stress, relax, and enjoy the great outdoors.

Cycling for Community

We bring together people from the property industry who love to cycle, network, and fundraise. Our community combines members' passion for cycling with the opportunity to network and fundraise for several projects that benefit children and young people: since 2006, our community has raised £4.5 million for various projects.

We run a number of annual cycle challenges that, post-COVID, are starting to return to our calendar. This includes the women-only pedElle ride (which this June will travel from Vienna to Budapest) and the long-running Cycle to MIPIM, which takes place every March. These events create unique team efforts that form memories and friendships for life. Over the years, we've found that engaging our community through our events, rides, and great off-bike content brings people together and provides a friendship and support network that lasts long after the ride has finished. They have also proved to be fertile ground for developing business contacts and finding partners to work with as well as securing new business.

At the heart of the community's ethos is its friendly and interactive atmosphere: something you can find in your own cycling, wherever you might be. Cycling clubs exist in almost every town and city in the UK so try one out. They are a great way to meet fellow cyclists and to improve your cycling.

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Pedelle day 1 cycling downhill

Ride for Charity

As a charity, we raise funds for a number of charity projects that help improve the lives of children and young people. This includes recruiting families for children looking for adoptive homes and assisting families with post-adoption support via Coram Adoption; awarding bikes, tandems and adapted trikes to children and young people affected by cancer and supporting research to illustrate the relationship between physical and mental wellbeing and physical activity in children surviving cancer via Cyclists Fighting Cancer; tackling the root causes of violent street crime through a number of amazing projects via the Tom Ap Rhys Pryce Memorial Trust; and assisting the children of families living with a loved one with MSA via the Multiple System Atrophy Trust.

Fundraising for a charity or cause that’s close to your heart is incredibly motivating and rewarding. We’ve seen riders overcome self-doubt and the most challenging of conditions because they know that every turn of the pedal is going towards a truly amazing cause. And there are many different challenges and causes you can get involved with – from riding as a charity participant in one-day events like RideLondon to participating in a multi-day challenge such as a London to Paris, and there are plenty of challenges that last longer and take place much further afield if that’s something you’re keen to do.

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Road cycling to event

Getting started

If you’re new to cycling, find a buddy or join a club. Try Cycling UK and British Cycling, both of which are excellent resources for finding local rides and people to ride with. You can also get in touch with a charity or organisation to find a fundraising challenge. Whichever route you choose, we guarantee that the sense of physical and mental wellbeing – not to mention the new community and sense of achievement that comes with charity cycling events – will be one that stays with you for good.

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This article was provided by our friends at Club Peloton

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Club Peloton

Club Peloton is a charity and community of people who love to network, ride and fundraise. We use cycling as a platform for events, bringing together a love for the sport and the opportunity to network while raising money for disadvantaged children.

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