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8 January, 2024


Could this be a movie scene from ‘Harry Potter’

On my first solo adventure, I stayed at Aberfon campsite between Pwllheli and Caernarfon, on the outskirts of a small village, Clynnog Fawr.

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When I pitched up at the site, I noticed I was in front of a strange-looking hedge. The hedge was covered with a type of silk web and the fence had small, black caterpillar-shaped insects.

Now to some, this phenomenon, a mythical-looking hedge, covered with a strange web and caterpillars might be very alarming and some may well have decided that they couldn’t possibly camp so close.

But to me, these strange creatures were intriguing and I needed to explore more about what they were and why they had created such a web taking over the hedge.

After doing some research, thanks to Uncle Google, it turns out that these caterpillar-like insects are ermine moths and are native to the UK.

The silk blanket protects the caterpillars as they prepare to chrysalis into moths, protecting them from predators. The webbing appears often in May or June, with swathes of it covering hedgerows, trees, and bushes.

It got me thinking, isn't nature just awesome, weird, wonderful, and more?

Whatever you believe, how we have been created, these creatures have a purpose, a role in this world just like YOU and I.

We are not here by chance but have been created as unique individuals.

It’s up to us to keep learning, growing, and moving forward just like how it was intended to be. Transforming ourselves to who we are meant to be.

So keep on growing, keep moving forward, closer to your dreams, and build your own unique world.

If you have a burning desire……

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Tracey Dawson

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