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21 April, 2023


Chat GPT Picks the 5 best running shoes

Have you heard of Chat GPT? It’s an artificial intelligence chatbot that can give some very detailed and articulate feedback based on a simple question. So I thought I’d ask it a few questions related to our market and see what it said!

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For my first ‘article’ I thought I’d ask it “what are the 5 best running shoes.” Clearly this is a dumb question as there is no such thing – the answer depends on so many variables such as the runner, the surface and the situation. There is no ‘best’ in my opinion and this is the whole reason why the National Running Show was invented – to create an environment where people can chose and buy the right products to suit them. However, the answer from Chat GPT was interesting:

As an AI language model, I cannot provide a definitive answer to the "best" running shoes as the choice of the right shoe can vary based on personal preferences, running style, foot shape, and other factors. However, here are five popular running shoes based on expert reviews and customer feedback:

  1. Nike Air Zoom Pegasus 38: This shoe is a popular choice for runners due to its comfortable fit, responsive cushioning, and versatile design that can accommodate different types of runners.
  2. ASICS Gel-Kayano 28: This shoe is known for its stability and support, making it a great choice for runners with overpronation. It also features comfortable cushioning and a durable construction.
  3. Brooks Ghost 14: This shoe is designed for neutral runners and features a comfortable fit, responsive cushioning, and a smooth ride. It also has a durable outsole for long-lasting use.
  4. Hoka One One Clifton 8: This shoe features a unique design with a high stack height and cushioning that provides a comfortable and stable ride. It also has a lightweight construction that makes it suitable for long-distance running.
  5. Saucony Kinvara 12: This shoe is designed for speed and responsiveness, making it a great choice for runners who want to pick up the pace. It also features a lightweight and breathable design that can help keep your feet cool and comfortable during your runs.

I actually think the response was pretty useful! Would I buy shoes based on this information – no! But it does start to give me some insight into why the shoes are different and what to consider. I’ve tried most of the shoes above and only regularly use one of them (not saying which one to avoid upsetting anyone!)

I have been lucky enough to try loads of different trainers and as a 6ft 4in slightly chubby, heavy and wide footed runner I have found specific shoes that I am comfortable with and work for me - I imagine that those shoes would be very different for someone who has a different body shape or running style!

Two of the brands I love the most are not even in the ‘top 5’ that Chat GPT recommended, so I would add a note of caution about these kind of rankings and always try shoes before you buy them – preferably at a specialist running store (or the National Running Show! 😊)

If you want an opinion on running shoes from a real-life expert instead of an AI software, then you can check out articles from the running shoe guru, Paul Freary, by clicking here

Mike Seaman


Mike is the CEO and one of the founders of Raccoon Media Group. He's organised exhibitions for most of his working life and he's passionate about creating live event experiences that are community-led, cutting edge, and fun. In his spare time he's a keen runner and loves being outdoors at any opportunity.

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