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10 January, 2023


Bruce Fordyce - Bringing Parkrun to South Africa and the oldest ultra marathon in the world

Bruce Fordyce is the most well-known runner in South Africa, championing the prestigious Comarades Marathon, and establishing Parkrun in the country.

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This week on the Outside & Active Podcast, Dom is joined by Bruce Fordyce

Bruce Fordyce is the most well-known runner in South Africa, having won that country's internationally famous Comrades Marathon (54 miles) eight years in a row and nine times overall.

During that period, Fordyce could not compete internationally, due to South Africa's apartheid policies--which he actively campaigned against. Eventually, running and track and field were among the first sports to welcome participation by black South Africans.

Bruce is most proud of his 9 Comrades Marathons wins, in which he broke the course record 5 times. 

In 2011, Park Run was born into South African communities thanks to Bruce Fordyce getting involved. He started Park Run in South Africa with the first event being held in Delta Park, Johannesburg. The first event was attended by 26 people and from there, the event has simply flourished.

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