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11 November, 2022


Bosch eBike Systems releases updates to navigation function for Kiox 300

Improve your riding experience with the new features and enhanced activity tracking. One for the keen eBike cyclists.

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So, what are the key new features?

  • Minimalist navigation with clear turn-by-turn directions offers riders fast and safe orientation
  • Easily transfer planned rides from komoot to the eBike Flow app
  • Activity tracking captures additional route information and riding data
  • Faded-in shift recommendations help to conserve battery power and improves riding experience.

Safer and more carefree eBiking thanks to the new navigation function

The new Kiox 300 navigation function helps riders stay oriented, with the display automatically realigning to match the direction of movement while riding. Additional turn-by-turn directions with precise distance information makes it easier for riders to find their way, regardless of the screen displayed at the time. This ensures that eBikers are not unnecessarily distracted, allowing them to focus fully on the road ahead. The high display resolution increases clarity, meaning all information can be absorbed quickly.

To enable eBikers to better assess the route in terms of their own fitness, Kiox 300 indicates the distance to the destination. In combination with the LED Remote, the display also provides information such as time to the destination, as well as estimated time of arrival. The LED Remote and Mini Remote also enable the ergonomically efficient operation of the navigation function, enabling riders to keep their hands safely on the handlebars.

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Navigation of komoot routes with Kiox 300

Riders can create their own routes in the eBike Flow app, choosing between three route profiles; Daily (daily journeys), Leisure (leisure rides) and eMTB (eMTB trails). Alternatively they can take inspiration from the komoot app, linking their komoot profile with the eBike Flow app and importing the desired route. All route information is continuously transmitted via Bluetooth from the eBike Flow app to Kiox 300.

Advanced activity tracking gives a detailed overview of riding data

The Kiox 300 will now offer riders additional features to optimise their workouts. Previously, cadence, power and calories consumed were recorded during automatic activity tracking. With the update to the Kiox 300, the display will tell eBikers whether they are currently riding above or below their personal average power and average cadence. Thanks to the update, the respective average values are now also displayed to further enhance motivation during training. The update will also see the display show the current altitude, elevation covered and the maximum altitude. The average values are activity-related and are reset when a new activity is started.

Shift recommendation helps improve riding experience

As with the Intuvia 100 display, the Kiox 300 shows when it is time to shift up or down a gear via an overlaid shift recommendation, helping eBikers ride more efficiently and save energy. This ensures that they are always in the optimum gear and can enjoy the flow even longer.

Kiox 300 is part of the smart system from Bosch. The update can be downloaded via the eBike Flow app. The eBike Flow app can be downloaded from the relevant app store at no additional cost.

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Bosch eBike Systems

Bosch eBike Systems is shaping the future of eBike mobility with innovative products and digital services ranging from highly efficient drive systems and the first series-ready ABS for eBikes to connected biking solutions. On daily routes through the city, on enjoyable tours through the countryside or for sporty adventures in the mountains: Bosch eBike Systems offers eBikers the right drive system (drive unit, battery, display and app) for every requirement and every area of use, which ensures a unique riding experience. Today, more than 100 of the world's leading bicycle brands trust in the perfectly coordinated, modular product portfolio. As an independent business unit within the Bosch Group, Bosch eBike Systems also uses the group's technology and manufacturing know-how. For healthy, safe and sustainable mobility that is fun.

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