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18 February, 2024


Bosch eBike Systems announces major smart system update

Bosch eBike Systems expands its smart system and introduces automatic display layout, new fitness and health features and further customisation options.

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The latest update from Bosch eBike Systems provides a significant enhancement to the smart system.

Via the latest update, Kiox screens now present eBike riders with key information and automatically adjust the display based on riding conditions; offer riders opportunities to customise and combine the four previously preconfigured riding modes to their preference; and link external heart rate monitors, such as chest straps or smartwatches, to the new heart rate display via Bluetooth.

Two further new features help riders monitor their performance via a display that shows usage levels of the different riding modes, whilst a second display compares athletic performance with the motor power. The update also introduces a limit mode for S-pedelecs, enabling riders to restrict the support to a maximum speed of 25 km/h upon request.

Dynamic display: Automatically adapt to every riding situation

Less distraction and unlimited flow: The new ‘Dynamic display’ function allows the Kiox 300 and Kiox 500 to automatically show relevant information for every riding situation. Riders can now see the most important information at all times as the system recognises inclines and displays personal performance, cadence and elevation covered. When approaching a downhill section, the screen changes to focus attention on speed. Range overview, including speed and distance travelled, can be seen when riding on the flat. When the eBike is stationary, the system automatically shows a summary of data from the current ride: maximum and average speed, distance travelled, elevation, trip time and current range.

Create custom riding modes

Previously, four different riding modes could only be preconfigured or swapped out by the eBike manufacturer. With the latest update, eBike riders can now choose from all riding modes available for that drive unit, define up to four favourites and adjust configurations in the eBike Flow app according to their preferences. For example, if riders do not need Eco mode and want to select Sport or Auto mode instead, they can simply make the change in the settings of the eBike Flow app under ‘Custom riding modes’.

Monitor current heart rate and the elevation graphs during rides

Whether cycling for exercise, health or just to feel good, many eBikers want to know their current heart rate. The update enables compatible heart rate monitors (such as a chest strap or a smartwatch) to be paired with the eBike Flow app using Bluetooth technology. The heart rate is then shown on the Kiox 300, Kiox 500 displays or the ride screen while cycling.

The new ‘elevation graph’ gives riders an informed view of the progress of their trip and contextualises energy use. The Kiox displays or ride screen show a clear elevation graph, as well as the rider's current position, allowing riders to monitor their progress along their route.

Performance data during and after the ride

Two new evaluation options offer eBikers information about performance values ​​and how they use the support levels. The new ‘Riding mode usage’ screen for the Kiox 300 and 500 uses a pie chart to show the extent to which the various riding modes are used. The ‘Power share’ screen also provides insights into average rider power compared to the average performance of the drive unit, based on current activity and the selected riding mode.

Less is more - the new Limit mode for S-Pedelecs

Limit’ mode restricts the maximum speed of S-Pedelecs to 25 kilometres per hour. The new mode can be selected as a personal riding mode and makes it easier for speed pedelec riders to adjust their speed as necessary. For example, trips with other eBikers can be more enjoyable if everyone can effortlessly ride together at the same speed. The dynamic mode must be predefined by the manufacturer and cannot be retrofitted.

Limit’ mode is displayed below ‘Eco’ mode. Similarly to ‘Auto’ mode, it automatically adjusts support, so that the speed does not drop on climbs or headwinds and the riding mode does not have to be changed manually. Because the reduced top speed also reduces energy consumption, S-Pedelec users can use the ‘Limit’ mode to travel longer distances. The new riding mode is available for S-Pedelecs in the UK & Europe. The legal requirements for speed pedelecs - including helmet requirements, a number plate and appropriate insurance as well as the ban on using cycle paths - still apply.

The latest update of the eBike Flow app can be downloaded from the app store at no additional cost. After a successful eBike system update, the screens can be enabled in the app settings under ‘My eBike’ > ‘Display configuration’.

The latest update from Bosch eBike Systems expands the smart system with an independently changing screen layout, new fitness and health features and more customisation options.

The ‘Dynamic Display’ function on the Kiox 300 and Kiox 500 automatically shows speed, distance travelled and range when riding on a flat route.

Users can now combine the four riding modes predefined by the eBike manufacturer to suit them.

The user's heart rate is displayed on the Kiox display or ride screen while riding.

‘Limit’ mode for S-Pedelecs restricts the maximum speed to 25 kilometres per hour. This makes city trips and excursions easier for all riders.

The ‘Riding mode usage’ screen tells eBikers which modes they use most often, enabling targeted motivation for rides.

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