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9 May, 2023


Ben Turner - The Adventure Coach

This week on the Outside & Active Podcast Dom welcomes the Adventure Coach, Ben Turner

Ben Turner 1

This week on the Outside & Active Podcast, Dom welcomes Ben Turner

Ben Turner is a Level 4 Personal Trainer and MNU Certified Evidence Based Nutritionist. Starting out as a chef, then British Army soldier, Ben has progressed as an Army physical training instructor (PTI) and has led climbing and mountaineering expeditions across the globe, including the Himalaya and South Africa. Now as a nutritionist and personal trainer, Ben is dedicated to changing the way fitness and nutrition is delivered, creating a community of health, rather than a class to turn up and get shouted at!

Ben's single most important lesson gained through his life experiences is that 'exercise should be a celebration of what the body can do'. With this Ben has learned how to adapt the human body not just to be fit for expeditions, athletic achievements and competitions, but fit for life.

This weeks episode of the Outside & Active Podcast is full of insight and inspiration as Ben talks through his relationship adventure and how he wants to help others fulfil their potential. 

For more information on Ben you can head to his website.

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