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28 March, 2023


Ben Coomber - How to live an AWESOME life

Want to learn how to make your life even more awesome? This week on the Outside & Active Podcast, Dom speaks to author, speaker and coach, Ben Coomber.

Ben Coomber

This week on the Outside & Active Podcast Dom speaks to Coomber

Ben helps empower people with their potential, to become fit and strong, to follow their dreams, and be the truest version of themselves.

At age 18 he was obese, unhappy, and unhealthy. But he had a desire to better himself and realise his potential. Ben felt the starting point was his physical body, so he joined a gym and started his health and fitness transformation.

At age 20 Ben become a personal trainer, nutritionist and coach. He coached 1-2-1 for many years, including working in elite sport, running retreats, & coaching kids. Ben then took his coaching online & wrote his first book.

In 2022, Ben wrote his #1 bestselling book How to Live an Awesome Life, his 11 step formula for becoming the most AWESOME version of yourself and living an awesome life. His 16 years of coaching experience downloaded into a swiss army-knife self help book covering all areas of self-optimisation. 

You can check out Ben's website by clicking here and buy his book by clicking here.


This weeks episode is sponsored by Mizuno. 

The National Running Show & Outside & Active have partnered with Mizuno to give away a race place at the Amsterdam marathon of half marathon.

Mizuno is the official kit sponsor of the marathon and title sponsor of the half marathon, the biggest in the Netherlands

The marathon is a World Athletics Platinum Label Road Race that is fourth fastest in the world. Highlights of the course include the start and finish in the Olympic Stadium, the passage through the Rijksmuseum and along the Heineken Experience, stretches along the River Amstel and through the Vondelpark on a mostly flat course.

Head over to The National Running Show Instagram to read the full terms and conditions and enter for a chance to win.

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