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14 September, 2022


Top 10 tips to be safe and be seen when you walk, run and ride this winter

As the light begins to darken towards the winter months, it is important to stay safe, seen and comfortable when being active outdoors. Here are eGLOVE's 10 top tips that can help you with all of these.

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Getting out for a walk, run or bike ride on a crisp winter evening can be lovely.

Glorious winter sunsets, striking silhouettes, twinkling lights along the streets and bracing fresh air… then back home with rosy cheeks for a hot chocolate by the fire or a warm bath. Working in the week might mean the evening is often the only time you have to venture out for a bit of exercise and the short days means those walks, runs or cycle rides are mostly pretty dark.

Dusk and night time creep up fast and that’s when you can suddenly become completely invisible to passing motorists. Dark lanes, rural paths and the edges of busier roads can obscure runners, riders and cyclists from ongoing traffic, particularly if it’s a bit misty or there are other distractions around.

We all know the mantra ‘Be bright, be safe, be seen’ and at eGlove it’s at the forefront of their minds (and glove designs).

Wearing the right clothing and accessories is a really good start when it comes to being visible and being safe but there are other handy tips to consider too. They may seem basic, but they’re also easy to overlook, so we thought we’d have a quick recap!

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eGlove’s simple tips for safer cycling, running or walking in the dark.

  1. Run or walk against the traffic so the driver has a better view and you can see cars or bikes coming towards you.

  2. Be extra careful wearing headphones or talking on your mobile phone (even more so than in daylight) because when visibility is reduced, your hearing is key for sensing approaching vehicles.

  3. If there’s a choice, run, walk or cycle in the best-lit or more populated areas if possible. It may be a case of choosing more open areas so you make the most of the moonlight rather than shaded places.

  4. Remember to take your phone in case of accident or incident and if you’re in a dark or dangerous spot, use the torch to show others you’re there and to light your way. Wearing your mobile phone touchscreen friendly eGloves means you can still operate your phone whilst keeping your hands warm.

  5. Let someone know you are going for a run, walk or cycle and how long you intend to be. Better still take a friend for company.

  6. Plan your route so you know exactly where you are going and you can highlight any danger spots or better options.

  7. On your bike, ride confidently, use clear signalling and keep clear of the kerb in case there are potholes or icy patches you can’t see in the dark.

  8. Remember you might not be seen by drivers as you approach the inside of large vehicles on your bike. Hang back if they’re indicating.
  9. Keep up with your bike maintenance and ensure your helmet is secure and safe.

  10. Wear clothing that means you’re bright, safe, and seen… like some kit from eGlove!
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When it comes to clothes that ensure you’re visible in the gloom when you’re walking, driving and cycling, fluorescent and reflective fabrics do two very different jobs.

Fluorescent fabrics react to the ultra-violet rays in sunlight so shine out in low level daylight or dusk. Fluorescent clothing helps road users see you (fluorescent clothing is 5.5x more visible than conventional clothing) so having flashes of bright fluoro colour on your eGloves or opting for wearing a pair of our neon arm warmers makes perfect sense.

Reflective material works in semi-darkness because the special surface reflects street lights, car headlights or torches. That’s why eGLOVE have incorporated reflective strips into many of their eGloves and arm sleeves - and designed a fully reflective pair of eGloves and a funky reflective headband too. Having a combination of fluorescent and reflective fabrics in your walking, running our cycling gear will give you the best chance of remaining visible throughout your wintry exercise sessions - whatever time of the day you venture out.

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How can I stay safe?

Why not order a pair of hi vis gloves, flouro gloves, reflective gloves or arm warmers for walking, running and cycling so you stay seen - and safe… and stylish! Click the button below to get 10% off your order with eGLOVE when you use the code O&A10 at checkout.


Our range of eGlove sport-specific gloves have been developed with complete focus on the end-user.

The business was kick started in 2009 when founder, Neil struggled to use his iPhone on a mountain in minus 20 degrees.

Having spent his whole life in sport from British Kart Champion through to Running, Triathlon, Ironman, Back Country Heli-Skiing and Cycling, Neil wanted to develop sports gloves that truly performed but which also firmly embraced mobile phone technology (or at least allowed the user to call, text or take a selfie whilst wearing them).

James joined Neil and product design, testing and development began. Six months later and the first eGlove for running was launched, followed by gloves for riding, skiing, golf - and just keeping your hands toasty warm. Neil decided to leave eGlove in 2015 to pursue other interests (although he still keeps close to the business!) and James was joined by his Ultra Runner wife, Nikki.

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