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3 January, 2023

Arj Thiruchelvam - The TRUTH about diets and losing weight

Arj is here to help you STOP listening to all that noise! This episode of the Outside & Active Podcast provides you with the clarity on what really matters when it comes to sport, nutrition, fitness and your health.

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This week on the Outside & Active Podcast Dom speaks to Arj Thiruchelvam

With more than 16 years experience working within the Sports, Nutrition and Health sector, using science to coach novices right through to Olympic Athletes and his work as a university lecturer and having co-designed two Sports Science Degrees for Oxford Brookes University.

Arj is the person who can help you reach your potential. Take a look at Performance Physique if you're ready to make a change.

Arj has worked with world leading nutritionists Martin MacDonald & Mac-Nutrition, in corporate business delivering nutritional expertise and with 17 years' experience of performance mentoring, including working as a UK Athletics Sprints & Jumps Coach.

Fancy losing a stone in a month? Try fitness and nutrition expert Arj Thiruchelvam’s 4 Weeks 4 Kilos programme! Group members shed over 5kg on average, with some losing more than 6.4kg (a stone) over the four week online programme!

Use Arj’s weekly calorie deficit calculator to understand how to track your intake and treat yourself but stay accountable with online support in small groups. Outside & Active listeners get 20% off for January by using discount code OUTSIDE20! Click here to sign up.

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