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19 October, 2022


ArcX - the revolutionary smart ring for sports and fitness

The world’s first smart ring specifically designed for sports and fitness caused a buzz when the concept was first announced at the Consumer Electronics Show in 2021.

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So, how does ArcX work?

Developed by ArcX Technology, a UK/US based sport tech start-up, the ring is designed to be worn on the index finger and controlled with the thumb. Connected via Bluetooth to any smartphone, the ring allows users to store phones in a pocket or backpack, controlling playlists and other phone functions simply and easily, on the move and even when wearing gloves.

ArcX is a micro joystick inside a water and shock proof tech module. The patented design enables the module to be swapped among different sized medical grade silicone rings or one of two strap mounts that allows the user to attach the device to a handlebar, paddle or other piece of sports equipment. The ring boasts an impressive 20 day stand by with a battery that delivers five days of normal use from a one-hour charge time, plus it’s waterproof to IP67 standard.

ArcX was selected as one of four finalists in the health and fitness product category of Engadget’s best of CES 2021 competition and was hailed as one of 2021’s best new products by the judges at ISPO, the world’s largest sports trade show. Since then ArcX has picked up several other awards including a coveted Red Dot product design award in 2022.
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ArcX rings work really well on their own, connecting in seconds to any smartphone or other device such as sports cameras and wireless speakers. An intuitive App is available, free on both Android and iOS platforms, that provides a host of customisable options and additional features such as a stopwatch, an emergency SOS call function as well as the ability to connect with other sports-based Apps.

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When will the product be released?

ArcX will start shipping in October 2022 in three colours, black, blue and orange. The rings will go on sale initially the UK at £49 and thereafter in the EU and USA at €59 and $69 respectively. A roll out to other countries will follow. Each product ships with five interchangeable stretch fit outer ring cases, a handlebar strap mount, watch strap mount and a USB charging cable.

ArcX Technology was founded in 2019 and comprises a team of engineers, designers, athletes and military veterans headquartered in London, UK with offices in St Petersburg Florida. Paul Blair, the CEO and founder, is a decorated British Army Officer having completed seven tours of duty as a paratrooper in a career spanning over twenty years. Commenting on his inspiration for ArcX, Paul said: “An Army buddy injured himself on a skiing holiday. I spent the rest of the trip skiing alone listening to music. If I wanted to adjust the volume, change track or answer a phone call I had to stop, take a glove off and retrieve the phone from inside my jacket to perform the operation, before replacing everything to carry on. Paul added “I had similar experiences with other activities like cycling, kayaking and in the gym. I couldn’t find any wearable tech device or phone accessory that solved this basic problem, so I decided to build one.”

Kumar Bala, CTO and co-founder is an experienced technology entrepreneur having brought several consumer electronic products to market during his career. Kumar said, “we set about designing an intuitive and robust product that would provide ‘first time, every time’ control where other interfaces fail.”

Kumar continues: “our research found that controlling ear buds with sweaty fingers while running is difficult. Taking one hand off an indoor rowing machine or a bicycle handlebar to control a phone is frustrating. Voice control doesn’t work when out of breath or on a windy day and the touch screen or small buttons on smartwatches are impossible to use when wearing gloves or if the watch is worn underneath protective clothing”. The new ArcX ring is designed to remove all those barriers to the benefits of easily manageable personal music while exercising.

For many people, the thought of exercising in silence is unimaginable: the ring is designed for those who need, and love, to listen to music while engaged in any one of a host of different sports. Whether it’s for motivation, inspiration or distraction, listening to music can make all the difference to improving training performance or making exercise more enjoyable. A 2016 survey conducted by Runner’s World, found that 82% of those runners polled said they listen to music while running. Research from the School of Sport and Education at the UK’s Brunel University has shown that listening to music during exercise can reduce the rate of perceived effort by 12% and improve endurance by 15%.
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Why is better than my phone?

ArcX is hugely versatile. It can connect to any other Bluetooth enabled device to act as a ‘hands free’ controller for sports cameras and wireless speakers. It’s ideal for instructors who incorporate music into their fitness classes as they can now focus on their students and no longer have to take their phone out of a pocket to change a playlist or adjust the volume.

There is also a health and safety benefit to a smart ring like this particularly for those activities that involve speed such as skiing, snowboarding and cycling. Using mobile phones or other mobile devices while riding creates a visual distraction and prevents cyclists from holding their handlebars properly and watching the road for signs of danger. A 2017 ‘Distracted Biking’ study, published in the USA, found that up to 40% of cycle accidents were caused by distracted cyclists who were often either looking at their cell phone or holding it so as to prevent them from gripping their handlebars correctly. The same distraction problem also applies to other sports including running in both urban and rural areas where runners focus on their device and literally run into someone or something.

ArcX will accept an incoming call with a touch of the joystick and with a five second press makes an outgoing SOS call. This action will automatically send an SMS at the same time with a map link based on the phone’s geolocation. The App allows this outgoing call and SMS feature to be customised so that family and friends’ numbers can be called instead of the default emergency services.

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I'm sold! Where can I get involved?

In addition to making certain sports and activities safer Paul Blair said “most of us spend way too much time looking at our laptops and phones. ArcX enables us to take a well-deserved break from staring at a screen and get active while listening to the music we enjoy.” Paul added “the lockdown period was a really tough period for all of us; maintaining physical and mental health is more important than ever. If our product can help motivate someone to get active, that will be incredible.” The ArcX product video is here.

ArcX smart rings are now available to pre-order, with 10% off for the month of October, through the company’s website

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