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7 June, 2022


A 12,000km journey across Africa with Mario Rigby

From racing Usain Bolt to a self powered adventure across Africa, Mario Rigby has experienced a lot in his time as an eco-explorer.

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Eco-Explorer, Mario Rigby Podcast

Mario Rigby us a self-titled eco-explorer who completed a solo two year 12,000km voyage from Cape Town, South Africa to Cairo in Egypt entirely by foot and kayak, called the Crossing Africa expedition - you can view more about Mario and his expeditions here.

On this episode of the podcast, we talk to Mario about his journey, wanting to do something so epic that it would radically change his life. No one map would cover his whole journey. Conflicts, war, roads being built - what could happen in one month to the next across the incredible countries he journeyed would prepare him for what lay ahead.

Running out of water with still many kilometers to go, Mario flashed back through his childhood, with a day and a half to go before the destination of his next checkpoint. Passing out just before sunset, a seagull flew over him and felt as though he was warped into the bird’s perspective, looking down on himself laid out on the beach. Knowing it was a hallucination, he suddenly felt this super connection as he emerged back into nature.

Find out more about Mario by following him on Instagram @mariorigby or his website

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What is an eco-explorer?

An eco-explorer, someone who attempts and completes sustainable expeditions. These are expeditions or adventures that impact future generations, opening up adventure to people around the world who may have not normally had access to these sorts of opportunities. In Mario’s own words, “you can only get everyone involved in the outdoors, when everyone has access to the outdoors.”

Coming from track 200 and 400m sprint and competed for Turks & Caicos islands, racing against Usain Bolt back in the day.

What an incredible human we were given the chance of talking to. We hope you enjoy the conversation.

What’s the most important thing Mario’s learned from one of his expeditions? Find out in our conversation with Mario. Listen here.

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