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5 July, 2021


5 Activities for your Family Staycation

We asked readers of our Stolen Moments email (subscribe here), what questions were bugging them the most about their staycations in 2021 and we received a number of responses. Here we offer our five things to try on your staycation with your family this summer.

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Make a twig raft

We found these five-minute twig rafts from TeaTimeMonkeys really easy to make and you can float them in a pool, pond, puddle or even your bath!

For the full instructions, check out TeaTimeMonkeys

Campfire recipe to cook in the wild

These fast flatbreads are a sure fire way to fill a hungry tummy but also really easy to make from your campsite. This can be cooked over an open fire or on a skillet at home and your kids will love getting involved.

Have a look at this simple recipe here

Make a seashell bracelet

Really easy to do and one for the budding fashion designer in your family. Make sure you have a couple lengths of string in your bag ready to make your jewelry or you may find some fishing net cut offs that you could use (and be clearing the beach of a bit more waste!). Scour the beach for shells with tiny holes in, though don’t take anything that little crabbies or sea creatures could be using for their next home. Share your #seashellbling with us!

Wild Feather Mask

We love collecting different types of feathers we find on our walks through the forest, so what about gathering as many as you can and making your own feather mask? They’re super simple to make as well:

  • Draw the shape of your mask onto a piece of card.
  • With a parents help, gently place the card on your face and gently press where your eye holes need to be. Then, once away from your face, cut the eyeholes out of your mask.
  • Go and gather your feathers and once you have enough collected, cover your card mask in glue and start making your mask
  • Once dry, carefully push through one hole on each side so that you can attach a length of string to go around your head
  • For a bit of extra fun, when you go back to the forest, see if the birds start talking to your wild bird masked children!

Make a flying machine

Good for a campsite or your local park and fields

All you need is some sticks, sticky tape or string and some card or paper (or really any other material you have lying around). See who can make the most impressive design, who’s flying machine travels furthest or who’s does the most loops!

To make one, simply tape (or tie with string) two straightish sticks together to form a cross. One for the body, the other for the wings. Then attach your wing material however you think best that will make it fly the furthest! Attach a piece of string underneath so you can hold it like a kite and see if you can make your contraption fly!

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