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16 March, 2023

4 ways to support someone running across Australia

On 1st May 2023, after dreaming about it for 10 years and 3 delayed starts, Nikki Love is finally starting her RunAustralia challenge.

Nikki Love Run Australia

Nikki Love is an author, speaker, runner and extraordinary chaser.

Nikki has notched up some pretty impressive running feats as she chases adventure in the form of one epic challenge after another. Her previous challenges include: 7 marathons in 7 days, the JungleUltra in Peru, the DesertUltra in Namibia, 63 marathons in 63 days throughout the UK and Run Around Ireland (750 miles in 32 days), and Run Across Netherlands (150 miles in 5 days).

Up next, Nikki is setting out to run 2,450 miles from Perth to Sydney in 65 days, which is an attempt to set a Guinness World Record for Fastest journey on foot from Perth to Sydney by a female.

Nikki has run other long endurance adventures in the past but this will trump them all. Travelling with her Support Crew (Sharif), she aims to cover 60km a day, taking a route along the south coast of Australia, which includes the 2nd longest stretch of straight road in the world.

Nikki is looking for support, and hopes that you will join Team RunAustralia! There are four main ways that you can support Nikki whilst she takes on this extraordinary challenge.

1. Supporting her crowdfund appeal - from as little as £5. Click here for more details. There a number of different fun ways to support such as paying for a mile, or even a whole day!

2. Sign up to the RunAustralia virtual run - where you can run "with" Nikki! More details can be found by clicking here, and heading to the virtual platform on the Start Running Stay Running site.

3. Follow Nikki on social media - Nikki and Sharif will be sharing updates on this challenge across Nikki's social media. You can follow along on Instagram or Facebook to keep up to date with everything that is going on with her training, RunAustralia, and all the other stuff that is going to happen!

4. Share details - of the crowdfunder and RunAustralia on your social networks, on the school run, at your run club, or even let you workplace know and get them involved as well! In order for these amazing challenges to be tackled by runners, they need backing from the community. Whether are you part of the running world and drop a follow on socials, or are a brand that would be willing to support on a bigger front, there are many ways that you can support.

If you have any questions, or want to speak about getting involved, you can email Nikki at [email protected]

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