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6 July, 2023


10 reasons why there is no alternative to dryrobe®

Since it was launched back in 2010 the dryrobe® Advance has become an essential piece of kit for anyone getting active outdoors in extreme weather conditions. It is a truly revolutionary garment, that created a whole new category of outdoor clothing - the changing robe.

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Over time many other brands have tried to imitate the design of the dryrobe® Advance, but none of them come close to matching its quality or performance. Whilst there are plenty of alternatives to dryrobe®, they won’t keep you as warm and dry.

Whether you’re an athlete, water sports enthusiast, camper, or even a dog walker, you will reap the benefits of the dryrobe® Advance when you need to stay warm and protected from the elements.

So, what are the features and benefits that make dryrobe® Advance the best and warmest change robe money can buy? Here are 10 reasons why there really is no alternative to dryrobe®:

  1. Most absorbent change robe out there
  2. 8x faster drying than any other change robe
  3. Durable waterproof and windproof outer
  4. Scientifically proven to warm you up
  5. Sustainably produced
  6. Value for money
  7. Worn by elite athletes and trusted by world-class organisations
  8. Helps supports incredible charities
  9. Has the best change robe reviews
  10. Original and the best changing robe

1. Most absorbent change robe out there

A reliable inner lining is a key component in producing a changing robe that gets you dry, and warms you up quickly after getting out of the water.

The unique inner lining of the dryrobe® Advance wicks water away from the skin, paired with the specifically designed fabric construction that allows excess moisture to escape while retaining body heat - all without compromising the dryrobe’s warmth and waterproof qualities, helping to make it the ​​best quality change robe available.

As well as drying you quickly, the fleece helps you stay really warm in the coldest conditions.

2. 8x faster drying than any other change robe

Confident that our unique inner fleece lining is what sets the dryrobe® Advance apart as the fastest drying change robe, we put the back2skin™ dry time to the test. Sure enough, the testing proved that the dryrobe® Advance dries up to 8 x faster than other dryrobe® alternatives.

Knowing that airflow is an essential part of the drying process, the dryrobe® Advance’s unique fabric structure transports excess moisture away from the body and out from the garment without compromising its warmth and waterproof qualities. The benefit? The dryrobe® Advance dries in minutes meaning you can get in and out of the water multiple times a day without a horrible, damp feeling!

3. Durable waterproof and windproof outer

A smiling man wearing a dryrobe Advance whilst getting drenched by the rain

Building a change robe that could withstand extreme weather was fundamental to the creation of the dryrobe® Advance.

The outer shell fabric is waterproof up to 10000mm, and made from durable nylon (unlike many other changes robes), so you can wear it in the rain all day long if you need to!

The BIONIC-FINISH ECO® water-resistant finish and heat-sealed seams ensure a solid barrier against wind and water.

4. Scientifically proven to warm you up

Manchester Metropolitan University (MMU) Institute of Sport, a global leader in the academic study of sports science, undertook an independent research study to investigate the effects of wearing a dryrobe® Advance changing robe after cold water immersion.

The research study measured both the physiological (core body temperature, heart rate, and skin temperature) and perceptual (thermal sensation and thermal comfort) responses of participants.

The results showed that there were significant benefits of wearing a dryrobe® Advance after cold water immersion.

These included:

  • Helping to lower heart rate among participants
  • Increasing skin temperature
  • Thermal comfort and thermal sensation levels were statistically higher (demonstrating that participants felt warmer and more thermally comfortable)

More details of the study can be found here.

5. A sustainably produced changing robe

Women sat on the beach watching the sunset in a Forest Green and Camo REMIX range dryrobe Advance

Sustainability has been at our core since the first dryrobe® was sold over a decade ago. The outdoors is our playground, and we have a responsibility to care for the environment that we all love and depend on.

B Corp Status
We are proud to be a Certified B Corporation™, meaning that our business practices meet high standards of verified performance, accountability, and transparency on factors from employee benefits and charitable giving to supply chain practices and input materials.

Recycled fabrics and eco-friendly finishing
All our weatherproof garments and accessories are made with 100% recycled nylon, approved by Global Recycle Standard. The dryrobe® Advance is finished with a plant-based PFC-free BIONIC-FINISH ECO Durable Water-Repellent (DWR).

The super warm, fast-drying synthetic lambswool used lining in the dryrobe® Advance is made from 100% recycled polyester (rPET), approved by the Global Recycle Standard and certified OEKO-TEX Standard 100. This high-performance fleece is made from recycled post-consumer plastic, a large part of which comes from plastic bottles.

Carbon neutral
At dryrobe® we are doing our best to limit our impact and take climate action. We are working closely with One Carbon World to offset any unavoidable emissions that still cannot be reduced. Through carbon offsetting, we are supporting La Pitanga /Weyerhaeuser – a reforestation project in South America.

Plastic-free packaging
Our packaging is responsibly sourced and is entirely plastic-free packaging on all UK e-commerce orders. We use recycled cardboard to ensure that no virgin trees are being cut down for our packaging.

Trusted supply chain
We work closely with our trusted suppliers to ensure fair labour practices and safe working conditions throughout the supply chain.

Want to know more about our sustainability journey? Check out this page here.

6. Value for money

A surfer sat drinking coffee and watching the waves in a dryrobe Advance

The dryrobe® Advance is built to last. Every product that we produce has been designed and produced as a long-term outdoor companion. Durability is an essential part of our reputation, and some of our customers have been using their dryrobes for over a decade.

Not only do we want to ensure that our customers receive reliable, long-lasting products but we also believe in the sustainable ethos to buy better, buy less.

Overconsumption is placing a huge amount of pressure on our planet’s resources and we want to encourage our customers to not buy more than they need. By buying better, we want to help our customers think and live sustainably.

The dryrobe® Advance can be machine washed when needed, and we offer a repair service as part of our Performance Guarantee.

7. Worn by elite athletes, trusted by world-class organisations

dryrobe® are committed to supporting elite sports globally, and we’re incredibly proud to be trusted by a range of extreme athletes and sporting professionals including pro surfers, record-breaking swimmers, and endurance athletes.

We’re proud to work with some of the world’s leading brands, ground-breaking events, and inspiring organisations including Red Bull, GoPro, PADI, Spartan Race, RNLI and Team GB at the Olympics!

Our mission is to inspire, enable and improve the experience of an active outdoor lifestyle, for everyone. We’re involved with an inspiring team of ambassadors and individuals across a huge range of sports.

Check out our blog with talented, big wave surfer Taz Knight who has found home in one of the most intimidating and extreme surf locations in Europe, Ireland.

8. Supports incredible charities

Through the dryrobe® Warmth Project, we support charities and non-profit organisations worldwide that share our passion for the environment and getting people outdoors. Some of the incredible and inspiring organisations we work with include:

Find out more about how we support charities and non-profit organisations that share our values of promoting wellbeing through outdoor activity and protecting the environment here.

9. Best change robe reviews

Three friends wearing dryrobe's and chatting by the beach

As well as being reviewed by some of the most respected websites and publications out there, we’ve had thousands of 5-star reviews from genuine customers.

Take a look at the independent reviews on the website (powered by Yotpo) or check out visit our Facebook page to see for yourself why our customers love their dryrobe® changing robes.

10. Original and the best change robe

For anyone who has experienced outdoor changing after being in the sea during the depths of winter, it’s not fun, to say the least.

This unpleasant experience was a common occurrence for surfer and dryrobe® Founder Gideon Bright when surfing in the UK’s coldest months as a teen.

Luckily Gideon’s Mum, Anne, was a dab hand with a sewing machine and set to work to create a robe to help keep Gideon warm when getting changed after a cold water surf.

Similar to a creation her mother made for her in her youth, it took the form of a huge cape with waterproof material on the outside, a towel lining, and a hood.

After initial hesitation to use it, it soon became a surfing essential whenever Gideon and his friends hit the beach.

Fast forward a few decades, and still experiencing the same cold and wet problems in the UK car parks after a surf, Gideon was determined to make something that didn’t soak up rainwater on wet days, inevitably making him feel colder.

With his mum’s cape creation in the back of his mind, he set his sights on designing the original, all-weather change robe that ensured you stayed dry and warm, whatever the weather.

His garden shed became his dedicated place of work and became the location where the first original, all-weather, front-zipping dryrobe® Advance changing robe was established with the first-ever ‘dryrobe’ sold online in December 2010.

Now the dryrobe® Advance can be spotted everywhere, from surfers getting changed in car parks to Team GB at the Olympic Games!

There is only one true dryrobe® changing robe that can be called a ‘dryrobe’, which means that when you buy a dryrobe® Advance, you can rest assured that you’re receiving the trusted performance of a genuine dryrobe® product that the brand is globally recognised for. Find out more about the term ‘dryrobe’ and what it means here.

Interested to know more about the development of dryrobe®? Read the full story here.


Get changed and stay warm with dryrobe®, the world’s warmest and most versatile change robe. Designed to let you get changed anywhere, the weatherproof outer protects you from elements, whilst the super-warm lining helps you dry quickly. Perfect for all outdoor activities, from elite sporting events to family camping adventures.

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