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9 June, 2021


Suzanne Shaw - Run for H.O.P.E. (HOLD ON, PAIN ENDS)

Suzanne Shaw is a singer, actress and personality and until now she has never run further than a half-marathon. This short movie follows Suzanne ash she attempts to run 19 hours non-stop to raise awareness of the UK’s 19 suicides per day in 2019 and funds for the Samaritans.

In May 2021, Suzanne Shaw took on her first ultra-distance run, challenging herself to run non-stop for 19 hours in one day to help raise vital funds and awareness of the fact that 19 people committed suicide every day in the UK in 2019. As someone who has struggled with her own mental health, she was determined to complete the challenge, but having never run more than a couple of hours or further than a half marathon, did she really know what she was letting herself in for? We follow Suzanne’s challenge and speak to her about her motivation. If you are inspired or emotionally moved by this film and are able to donate, please do so here - here.

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