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21 February, 2022


Derek Redmond - Breaking Records

Podcast - Derek Redmond talks to us about getting into athletics, that infamous moment back in 1992 and the importance of why.

Derek Redmond Athlete Outside Active Podcast

Derek Redmond Podcast

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We get to chat to Derek Redmond on the latest episode of the Outside & Active podcast (listen here) an inspiring athlete with medals in both the World Championships and European Championships and someone who continues to push himself mentally and physically.

How did Derek get into athletics? 

At a young age, about seven, he was nonstop running and jumping around at home and school and was fortunate to sign up to a local athletics club. He tried a bit of everything. After realising he wasn’t so good at everything, he focused on sprinting and by accident fell into 400m running where he continued to excel breaking the 400m British record at 44.82 (seconds) to name just one of his many accomplishments.

Does time matter at the Olympics?

At the Olympics, no one is really worried about the time. They’re worried about the position. Derek talks to us about time not mattering – it doesn’t matter if it’s a slow 100m or a fast 100m - it’s about who comes first, second and third. For example, conditions may be completely different from one Olympics to another (did you see the cross winds at the endurance cross country skiing at this years Winter Olympics??). It’s about performing on the day.

What goes through your head on the world stage when competing for that gold position?

You get into your race and run at your pace, the way that you want. Stick to your plan – push yourself if you can.

The importance of why

You’ve got to believe that you are capable of achieving of whatever your goal may be. There will be days where you don’t feel so good, you may be injured. The only thing you’ve got to rely on can you say “I will be able to do whatever is in front of me?"

1992 Olympic Moment

You may have seen the footage – Derek snapped his hamstring in the middle of the 400m. Picking himself up he hobbled towards the line when his father defied security to help him to the finish. It was a magical moment in Olympic history.

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