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10 May, 2021


Suzanne Shaw's 19 hour running challenge

We speak to Suzanne Shaw about her upcoming 19 hours of running challenge.

Outside Active Interviews Suzanne Shaw

We talk to Suzanne Shaw about her incredible 19 hour running challenge she's undertaking this May.

We find out about Suzi's inspiration for the challenge and how she's running for 19 hours for the 19 people a day who very sadly take their own lives.

From someone who has had their own challenges for as she says, for over 18 years, Suzanne shares a message of positivity and H.O.P.E. (hold on, pain ends) in our recording.

We talk with Suzanne about how she fits in the training regime and being outside and active to run for 19 hours amongst work, family and life commitments as well as her change in lifestyle to a plant based diet in late 2019 and the positive affect this has had on her life.

If you'd like to sponsor Suzi in her fundraising for the Samaritans you can do so here

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