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29 July, 2022


Sport offers the chance for change

Feeling inspired by the Commonwealth Games opening ceremony last night, it struck me just how important a role sport plays in all of our lives.

Wheelchair basketball sport is for all

In my last post as editor on Outside & Active, I wanted to share something that I wrote last night after watching the opening ceremony of the Commonwealth Games. I hope that what we have created, what we have shared - the conversations, the podcasts, the articles, the videos have in some way helped inspire you to being more Outside & Active. Enjoy the read. 

Until next time, enjoy the outside. Matt 

Sport For Change

Moved by the stories,
the countries
and the people.

Moved by the music,
the abilities,
the performance

It hit me

Sport brings people together.

Doesn’t matter if you watch it
You play it
You volunteer it

Doesn’t matter your colour
Your creed
Or your orientation

Doesn’t matter if you have wheels
Overcome anxieties
Or walk on your own two feet

Sport has the opportunity to heal wounds
To unite under a common goal

Sport has the opportunity to do good
It offers the chance for change

Sport can help us love
can make us laugh
can make us cry

Sport inspires us to overcome adversity
To pursue dreams
And make positive impacts on communities around the world

Sport reminds us of what is possible

Sport is
The chance for change

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