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27 August, 2021


On Running London Lab

Dom and Rachel, from the National Running Show, take a trip into London to visit the On London Lab. Have a read of how it went, plus a special offer for O&A readers

On running London Lab

The gait analysis technology measures the movements of our lower limbs to start to assess our technique and with experts on hand, we were giving some great tips on exercises we could try in our workouts and ideas on how we can start to improve our running technique.

At the event, we also made use of the foot measuring system which produced a render of our specific foots shape and size to make the optimum recommendation of which specific show to wear.

Following lots of running around and trying out of the latest ON shoes, we sat down to watch the Untethered documentary, telling the story of David Brown, the world’s fastest blind man. Powered by human spirit, the documentary follows David and his guide Jerome Avery as they overcome obstacles to get themselves to the start line. You can read more on their story (and watch the documentary) here.

Watch this short video of our day at the On London Lab

Special Offer for Outside & Active readers

Unlock your true running potential with free OnScan gait analysis and expert advise. 

Experience the latest On shoe collection including the all-new Cloudstratus and revolutionary Cloudboom Echo. 

Plus, show this page to claim your FREE On Pack worth £30. 

Hurry, the Lab closes August 30. Learn more at

On Running London Lab bag On Running London Lab bag

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