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9 January, 2024


Mark White - Learning how to run grateful

This week on the Outside & Active Podcast Mark White shows us how we can be more grateful in life, particularly through the medium of running.

Mark White

Grateful Running

"One day it will feel like walking…."

The words of Mark's friend after he explained he had been running for a few months but concluded it wasn’t for him. After hearing these words, "one day it will feel like walking", something shifted, his whole relationship with movement changed in an instant and he was on his way.

In 2002 Mark found himself in rehab for drug addiction. As a part of his rehabilitation he was introduced to gratitude work. Very quickly, he realised being grateful was a powerful vehicle to uplift him.

Fast forward to 2020, one day Mark took on a challenge with a friend of running a mile on the hour every hour for 24 hours, he decided to attach each mile to gratitude. Consequently RUN GRATEFUL was born! Today their community spans across 80 countries.

In this episode, Mark shares his story and speaks through the important of being grateful. Learn how and why to run a grateful mile in this episode.

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