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28 February, 2023


Eilish McColgan - Becoming a Commonwealth Gold Medalist

This week on the Outside & Active Podcast Dom is joined by Commonwealth Games Gold Medalist, Eilish McColgan

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This week on the Outside & Active Podcast Dom speaks to Eilish McColgan

Eilish McColgan is a world-renowned Scottish middle and long-distance runner. She began running at the age of seven, and she quickly developed an intense passion for the sport. At the 2010 Commonwealth Games in New Delhi, India, she won a bronze medal in the 3000m steeplechase event. After her success there, she went on to take fourth place at the European Championships in Barcelona in 2010 and third place at the 2011 World Championships in Daegu, South Korea.

Since then, Eilish has gone on to become one of Scotland's most decorated middle and long-distance runners ever. In 2016, Eilish won gold at the European Championships in Amsterdam and silver at the World Indoor Championships in Portland, Oregon. Her career highlights have also included victories at prestigious meets like the Diamond League meetings in Zurich and Brussels as well as gold medals at both the 2017 Commonwealth Youth Games and 2018 Commonwealth Games.

Off of the track, Eilish has also achieved great success academically as she holds a BSc Honours degree in Sport Science from Stirling University (2015). She is also an ambassador for various charitable organizations such as Right To Play UK & Ireland and The British Heart Foundation Scotland to name a few.

Eilish enjoyed a superb 2022 - winning a storybook Commonwealth gold and breaking Liz's Scottish 10,000m record in Hengelo.

She has had a phenomenal career full of achievements so far and continues to inspire athletes all over the world with her commitment to excellence both on and off of track.


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