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22 March, 2021


Demystifying footpaths, access land and rights of way

What does a footpath look like on an Ordnance Survey map and why is it important to know about your access rights?

What is Access land? Have you ever been following what you think is footpath, only to find several paths, how do you know which is the legal right of way? Join Emma Holland from Mind Over Mountains for an interesting and informative session which may help you on your next walk or run.

Mind Over Mountains

Mind Over Mountains are a mental health charity offering immediate and accessible support through therapeutic outdoor experiences.

We deliver events throughout the UK, with bursaries available to those with the most challenging lives. Ranging from one day to 2-night stays, our programmes bring together professionally guided hill-walking, mindfulness and time in the company of experienced coaches and counsellors.

We believe this time in nature, coupled with professional support is a powerful way to build resilience, talk without pressure and re-find stillness.

Restoring mental health, naturally – here’s our ingredients for sustainable change:

Holistic approach: Physical, emotional and spiritual challenges to inspire change

Developing whole-body resilience: Creating positive physical and mental behaviours to confront life’s challenges

Reconnecting with nature: Meaningful time immersed in beautiful and remote natural places

Professional support: High-quality counselling, 1-2-1 coaching, mindfulness and inspiring talks

Safe space: Building and contributing to a shared community, express yourself without pressure

Lasting change: Sustainable aftercare through self-help skills, professional and community support.

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