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24 January, 2023


David Hellard - The caffeinated Bad Boy runner

Listen to the latest episode of the Outside & Active Podcast with adventurer, ultra marathon enthusiast, Bad Boy Runner, founder of Caffeine Bullet and presenter (deep breath) David Hellard.

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This week on the Outside & Active Podcast Dom is joined by David Hellard

David Hellard is an adventurer, obstacle race enthusiast, ultra marathon runner, running journalist, founder of Caffeine Bullet and presenter on The Bad Boy Running Podcast.

David is also the co-funder of the hugely funny and popular Bad Boy Running Podcast. With an eye on just having the same conversations they’d have down the pub, the podcast quickly grew its following and features the most famous ultra runners in the world.

He has been presenting globally from the age of 13, from winning numerous startup pitch competitions to hosting at the biggest running event in the UK, The National Running Show.

If all of that wasn't enough, David is the founder of Caffeine Bullet, an energy chew formulated for performance in endurance sport and a product he took to the Dragon's Den. An experience we talk about in this weeks episode.

David Has kindly offered a 20% discount to new customers of Caffeine Bullet when you use the code Outside&Active at checkout

You can download this episode by clicking the button below, or watch the full video version by scrolling down.

After which you can listen to the Bad Boy Running Podcast on Apple or Spotify 

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