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27 February, 2022


5 Tips for dressing kids for the snow

It's always tricky knowing what to pack or how to dress your children appropriately for snow activities. Read our top tips on how to plan snow days to have the most fun with kids!

Dress kids for the snow

Top tips for dressing kids for the snow 

  1. From snowball fights to skiing, winter adventures are the best. But it takes a lot of gear to make sure children are cosy and warm, so planning is key. Children get colder more quickly than adults as their smaller bodies lose heat rapidly so it’s worth knowing how to keep your little ones warm.
  2. Layers are key - lots of layers. For example, a merino wool or thermal base underlayer, tshirt, then fleece or wool mid-layer and ski/warm jacket. Wear normal socks and a pair of woollen/thermal socks on top with snow boots. A warm hat is essential and a scarf or neckwarmer/snood. Finish with gloves underneath ski gloves. Layers can then be removed if you are too hot.
  3. Heated foot warmers and heated insoles are great for really cold days. You can get them very cheap from Home Bargains and they stay warm for 8 hours. Ideal for a day spent in the snow.
  4. Your child’s head, face, ears, hands and feet are most prone to cold exposure and frostbite. So covering them with snoods, earmuffs and facemasks all add extra protection.
  5. Avoid cotton layers for kids. When cotton gets wet, it stays wet and cold and will make children very chilly.

Have spare clothing with you, in case of lost gloves, frozen socks or wet hats. Take a bag of extra emergency kit filled with gloves, socks, pants and layers. Oh – and snacks are always good for distracting children from the cold!

Article Written by Natasha Sones

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